Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Taking a break from playing Typing Maniac on Facebook. Heh. I'm addicted to this game. Its pretty simple. Just type the english words that appear. The fastest typer(?) wins. In my friend list, I am first. Cs, winnie and I are competing against each other every day.

For instance, today winnie sent me a text message telling me: Muahahhahahhahhaaaa!!! I beat cs in typing maniac.

The other day I beat cs, I sent him a text message saying: i'm sorry baby. i have to show off. i beat u in typing maniac. heh. idiotic and childish but what the hell.

Once you play this game for 2 hours non stop, you get so jittery, so kin tio. I can't sit still or type still anymore. But its fun!!!

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