Tuesday, 8 February 2011

On the first day of Chinese New Year..

Many times over the past week, I have wanted to sit down with my laptop, open my blog and write something. But I just cannot summon the energy to do so. Chinese New Year has sucked the life out of me. Never has CNY ever been to exhausting.

I was looking forward to CNY so much, and it came and went just like that. In a blink of an eye. Every day there is something to do. A whole week of planned itinerary. It was fun and tiring.

Cny was: never ending opening of cans and cans of coke, pepsi, beer, and refilling the ice bucket again and again for those drinking Macallan. It was walking back and forth, taking the plates to the back to eli, reheating the food, washing the dishes, cutting cakes, shaking hands, and smiling all the time.

I am not complaining. Mind you, Cny is still once in a year. Its still fun. Its okay. Or maybe I can say that its okay now cos its over. Heh heh.

Cny is over and done with for another year. My apologies oh little blog of mine. Sorry I have not been updating. But finally today, I am free enough to sit down and upload photos and compose my thoughts again.

My life is mine again. My time is mine to use again. I am not exaggerating. CNY was a very busy time for the whole family. Not enough time to rest at all. Last night, I went for a much needed massage. Bless you woman!

So enough chatter. Photos now! I shall start at the beginning. The reunion dinner. Every year, the reunion dinner is held at our house. Relatives come over to eat the good food that mum and dad made. We chit chat, laugh and eat and wait for midnight together.

This year - due no doubt to those two bottles of Ballantine and Macallan - we laughed and laughed and laughed. No wait.

We drank first and then laughed and laughed and laughed. Wininie said it right. Our relatives are pretty darn cool!

The laughing group minus cs, winnie and mum.

As with tradition, about 15 minutes before midnight, little Kuching's nightlife can get quite spectacular. You just got to see it to believe it. Its like war. Everyone kiasu, buying more fire crackers than their neighbors. Heh heh. No lar kidding.

We join in the fun as well. It had started raining at about 1230 am this year, so it was all good. During the peak/climax(?), we were outside, enjoying the fireworks. When it started pouring, everyone was indoors already.

I heard from some friends staying in Tabuan Laru/BDC area saying that it rained at about 1203am, so they were quite disappointed. Quite surprised to hear this though. Why Seng Goon area so chi dun one ar? (I am getting more Malaysian-Chinese every day. My English is deteriorating)

I like this photo Winnie snapped of us:

On the first day of CNY, we ordered catering...

..but in my humble opinion, lasagna wins. This is lasagna made by Balson and it always wins. Freshly oven baked lasagna. Melting cheese. Mmmm..now I'm hungry.

Every year we order a big tray of lasagna from Balson, and this is a small square portion only. But it was still all finished on the first day of Cny itself.

Cs' family went to Taiwan on CNY eve and are coming back tonight actually. Nice long holiday.

Let me clarify here (not that anyone that I mean can read anyway sigh) that I (Amy Simon) did not ask cs to stay in Kuching with me! I did not cry, plead or beg. In fact, I (being a good gf wtf) persuaded him to join his family. I even searched for cheap air tickets for him and asked him to go. Since he has never been there before.

But, it was his OWN choice to stay behind. Now it sounds like I am bragging that I have a loving bf wtf. I am not. My point is, I have so many people telling me that why don't I let my bf go on holiday with his family? Why cs stay behind with you? You don't let him go is it? From unrelated kepo persons btw. So irritating. Grr.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yea, since he is in Kuching, my parents asked him to spend CNY with us. So he has been working hard serving the guests with me, and visiting with me the whole of CNY. :)

Daddy and me.

Dad requested that mum, Winnie and I wear maxi (long) dresses on the first and fourth day of cny. Winnie and I were both complaining and lamenting: it is hot and inconvenient bla bla bla. But at least it looks good in the photos. Oh well. This trumps everything else. But its also cos cny is over la, so I can be so carefree now again. Back to normal life.

One last photo of the three of us:

OK. Update more next time. Tonight if I am not watching SATC! :)

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