Monday, 21 February 2011

One step at a time..

These photos below are from the third day of Chinese New Year. Be warned though that there are plenty of vain photos of myself, Winnie and cs. Very bimbotic post with no real purpose. But very helpful if you need to empty your mind. There is going to be a lot of very mindless talking going on here today.

The agenda for the day was to visit one of dad's friend's house.

Wake up in the morning to apply make up and do my hair. It was a good hair day - which lasted about 30 mins only.

I'm wearing a very thin, light pink cotton dress. Also very see through. I fell in love with the dress (and price tag) immediately and bought it without thinking twice! Hehe.

Brought it home and tried it on again then realized damn! I can see the exact shape and color of my bra and undies perfectly. Dammit! Very smart Amy.

I love the back. Not flattering photo of me at all but this was the only photo I have of my back.

Lucky I managed to take one photo of the back. Or else the whole day and night of trying to be discreet while holding up my free bra, and tugging on my shorts inside would go to waste. Heh heh a bit wtf.

I hate that my curls don't last long at all!! *whine. I put on hair spray after I curl my hair. But it doesn't last! *whine whine whine

This was about max 1 hour only!! Uncle Johny's house is about a 3-minuted drive from where we stay. And look! No more pretty hair. *must stop whining.

In case you are wondering why there are only photos of ourselves (Winnie, me and cs), its because this is what we do when you visit other people's houses. Yea, take photos of ourselves very shamelessly, and pretend other people cannot see you. Making use of the awesome light at the same time.

Winnie clutching her head cos it looks cute?

After taking this photo, she was admiring herself and smiling then instructed me to do the same thing she did.

So I did - cos I am kwai like that. =.=

And somehow it looks very much different. Fail.

I think Winnie looks good in this photo below though:

Yea I was serious when I said there are only vain shots of ourselves.. Sorry ar.

And yes, cs is having beer in the day time. Because its Chinese New Year! Reason enough to drink!

Chinese New Year is drinking season.

Its like this, when you visit my house during Chinese New Year, most likely I will also offer you a beer or some whiskey too. And the same at our friends houses.

When you arrive at another person's house, the host will offer you to eat. If you know that they will provide catering, it is advisable to arrive with an empty stomach hehe. If not, well there are plenty of cakes and biscuits to eat.

At Uncle Johny's house that day, I remembered having some spaghetti, fried mee hoon, duck, chicken, curry and I don't know. Memory loss and I probably got the fried mee hoon wrong already. Fail again.

So yea this was us having eaten our fill. Nothing to do now.. And since it is impolite to leave immediately after eating, we are entertaining ourselves. :)

The light makes taking photos pretty awesome eh..

Even with a lousy pose like this, my skin looks so soft to touch (and yea I know I am being so modest now) Sorry I am not always like this..

See cs looks good even with this pose. Hehe. Ok probably not to you. But to me he does. :)

At night, we went out with a bunch of friends to this new place at Travillion. Its called Zebra's.

Ok lah. I really have no idea what to write about as captions.

Moving on to life these days. My life these days just involves a hell lot of planning and preparations for the upcoming wedding, all while trying to spend as little as possible, so that we are able to put aside as much as possible before the big day!

They say that planning a wedding is hard work. Now I know. And dammit I am tired. It was fun in the beginning. Now it feels so tedious already. It is no longer fun when my dreams are consumed by wedding plans. It is no longer fun when I lie down in bed and think is this worth it? But then I reach out and call him, and yes it is. At least I still have him.

I need several of Santa's little helpers to help me and to win a jackpot as well. Please? I have been a good girl.

Sometimes I blame myself. They say that on the day itself, some things are bound to go wrong, and no one is going to notice except you.

Aim for the moon. Even if you fail, you land among the stars.

I have always loved this phrase.

Perhaps if I don't require so much out of things, then perhaps I won't be disappointed. But should I set my sights lower? It doesn't make sense to! This is not a time to lower my expectations! Grr.

Here is a phrase for me to remember everyday: One step at a time Amy. Take things one step at a time. Slowly but surely, I will make it! And it will all be worth it in the end.

I don't want to end this on this note. So on to the other side of plans. Plans for our upcoming honeymoon.

In my minds eye, all I can see is a jacuzzi on the balcony leading to an absolutely gorgeous pool, hammock by the beach, the salty sea breeze, lazing around in bed, holding hands walking by the beach during sun set and lots of hugs and kisses.

And this has got me smiling already.. :)

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