Thursday, 17 February 2011

2nd day of Chinese New Year

On the second day of Chinese New Year, the plan was to open house at Cs' place. In Kuching, open house means you invite friends to come over for food - biscuits and cakes, rice, noodles etc; and drinks.

On that day, it was supposed to serve as a housewarming sort of, for friends who have not yet seen our new place before.

The night before, cs and I slept late. Its the first day of CNY after all, everyone wants to have fun at night - if you know what I mean. And no I am not referring to the three letter word that starts with S, that you are thinking of now.

So anyway my point is:

Cs came to pick me up late on the second day. So we were late in getting ready all the food and drinks bah. Before we knew it, *ding dong* friends were arriving. *points finger accusingly at cs. Its his fault. His fault. He woke up late and nothing is ready! He must have pushed the snooze button too many times!

It was a good hair day. I am improving! But my curls never last long! After 30 mins, they are back to normal boring hair. Grr..

I love this dress though - but it shrunk in the wash le sigh. It is now so short that I have to wear pants inside so no one can see my undies. Grr!

Anyway. Moving on. Here are some photos taken from that day.

Group photo stolen off Facebook from err..Sui Theng or Eric? Sorry kinda forgot. Thanks anyway!

If you notice in the photo below, the clock looks like it has a strange rainbow light eh. This was a happy coincidence actually. We didn't ask for this light but they made a mistake and installed this for us. But I'm glad - this looks even better!

There are five couples in this photo. They are mostly cs' high school buddies. Said buddies gave us a sandwich maker and a mini toaster oven!!!! Thanks again! So awesome! And too generous I think. :)

Some of them played Wii for a while. First it was Bowling, then Tennis, some ninja sword fight, cycling, and then shooting birds and turkey's asses. Heh.

Btw, I don't know if anyone knows what I am talking about but I love the ninja sword game. The one where you swipe fruits with a sword. Haha..damn easy and no skill required sorry lar I only know how to play this kind of game. I wasn't born with that part of the brain - where you excel at games. A bit wtf.

Speaking of this, Kevin was born with that part of the brain. We are polar opposites in this regard. It seems that he can play ANY games and be good at it! He is the one his friends call up to ask how to play a game wtf. Or maybe its just ah Pau calling him hmmm...

Back to topic: This is Sui Theng paddling hard. Hahaa.

Back to a photo of me before we go to the fireworks at night. I woke up so early (slept at 4am the night before okay) to slave over my make up and curl my hair and cs arrived late so I had nothing to do except snap vain photos of myself.

Actually for the larger part of the day and night , I spent it in the kitchen next to the oven, reheating food or wiping tables and washing up plates and glasses. Boo hoo. Hehe no lar. Its once a year anyway so no complains. :) Just giving myself an excuse to post vain shots like these..

Here, Cs and ah boon are cello-taping the brooms together to hang fire crackers from:

No idea what to caption already running out of words and time now..

This is a different group of friends who dropped by in the evening..

So that was my partly screened and edited version of my second day of CNY..I blog more about the other days next time.

Going out soon and I am late.

HAPPY CHAP GOH MEH! Time flies lar! CNY is officially over for another year.

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