Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Free drinks and ladies = Happy face

Hello. Here are some recent photos of us girls taken in 2011. Finally!

Photos taken with Cherling's iPhone 4. Jeles!

We were at Club Memories, which is the same row as Terminal One and Kings Arm. Its a new pub. Very dazzling. Walk in and bedazzled. Literally. Heh heh. Go there and you'll know what I am talking about lar.

Do Winnie and I look alike in this photo?

Later on, we went inside Zebra for a tour. Zebra is the new Core. I don't know if its the new management or not. Probably not, cos all the regular waiters that I am used to at Core is gone.

Cs and I went there just the both of us one fine night. Pretty good service but still empty. On a Saturday night. 4 bottles of Heineken costs us RM 35. Cheap. Plus ladies get a free cocktail. I got myself a Cosmopolitan - watching too much Carrie. It is yum!

This is probably the opening special. Go try it out! Free cocktail is always good. Actually free anything is good. :)

This is Mic and I at Bar Zing! Love her curls. So tempted to perm my hair too..but so afraid that it will take too much time and effort to maintain. And I am lazyy.

Winnie and I with contrasting expressions!

Me: Winnie baby, do me a favor and get me another whiskey coke.
Winnie: *shows fangs* Grrr...

Haha this could be real life scenario.

Duno when Cher snapped this photo of me but I like it..

Elaine, Cherling and I.

Lazy to think of captions and lazy to type.. Actually I am kinda brain dead. Not enough sleep. Tired. Photos shall suffice for today. Btw I am officially on leave! Yay! Till next week! Yay!

Ladies group photo

Its Chinese New Year eve tomorrow. Because so many of us are taking leave tomorrow, boss declared tomorrow as casual day and work till 3pm.

No difference to me cos I will be home and have to wake up at 6am to go to the temple. Pay respects and give offerings to our ancestors. In the name of the new year. :) Its a tradition at our home.

Happy Chinese New Year to all those celebrating! And Happy Holidays to all of you..

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