Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Chinese New Year 2011 - fourth day

OK. This shall be the last post on Chinese New Year. Don't know why I am writing this since even I am kinda lazy to write/talk about CNY already. It is over and done with for another year. Yay!e

So these photos were from the fourth day of CNY. We open house again and alot of people came over. Busy from morning till night..

By the fourth day, I was getting lazy already - I mean hair and make up wise:

OK, can't see my make up here. But I just simply rushed through while curling my hair so it turned out terrible so I had no choice but to tie it up. T_T Fail.

And I love the gown I am wearing! Bought at Jenny's for about RM 64 only! :)) So happy! I love shopping there - so cheap. Actually the dress I am wearing in the previous post, that pink cotton dress was also from Jenny's. Cheap!

They (the staff at Jenny's) just took the gown out of its plastic wrapper and hung it on the rack. It stayed there for about 10 seconds - the time it took for me to walk over and pointed at it: I want to try that one! And that's it. No other customers had a chance -sorry. Sometimes you just gotta be kiasu and have a thick face. Heh heh.

Ice bucket, stacks of plates, plastic bag filled with fork and spoons: see you next year! I so don't miss you. :)) Miss the Macallan though hehe.

This whole roasted suckling pig was gone in 15 mins or less? I didn't get to try even a little bit =.= Not that I mind really lar. But I was slightly amused at how the guys in general go crowding around it. Most men attacked the pork first.

Women seem to only try a little bit of everything. Or maybe that's just me. That's how I eat buffets so Kevin think I am a waste of buffets.

On that day, there were plenty of food to last the whole day and night. We learnt from last year's mistake, where we did not order enough food. And people walk around looking for the food. =.= The food was cleaned out so fast that we had to order catering a second time.

Cs looks quite tired here, and that is Winnie in the background.

♥ the dress. And cheap too! Sorry can't stop saying this. I am so going back to Jenny's. The taukenio damn lihai.

Group photo of mum's friends. Nicely taken photo! We are all VA kaki.

No idea what to caption anymore..and I am running out of things to say.

So, randomly choose a topic: AirAsia on sales! Quick grab cheap tickets! I am going to KL next month. *smug.

Hehe actually this comes at a price. Have to get some things done but its also an excuse to go on holiday since got cheap air tickets. And we also found a damn cheap hotel too - please don't disappoint. But its ok lar cos I have no expectations. What to expect from a RM 110 per night room in KL right? And we are just staying two nights just for the weekend..:) Looking forward!

Err what else? In light of AirAsia's cheap fares, I have also booked air tickets for our honeymoon!! Don't ask me where - I have an unreasonable fear that if I talk too much about it, or tell too many people about it, I will get disappointed or that it wont be awesome anymore etc etc. Call me superstitious whatever. Haiii..

Being Cina (Chinese) is so mahuan (troublesome). So many pantang and superstitions. I know lar. These are up to us eh. No one told me to do this and that. But with the upcoming wedding, I'm so afraid that I have to follow traditions for this and that.

Actually, I am getting this already. Hek ar. I am sounding more and more Cina and I do it on purpose. I am in Kuching after all - gotta fit in sooner or later.

For the thousandth time, I wish I can elope!! Becoming a Mrs has never been more difficult. I have a feeling I will eat my words when I am in labour. Heh.

Speaking of this, I don't think I have announced this yet: Alvin and Wee lee welcomed their second daughter sometime this month! Time fcuking flies lar! It feels like not too long ago when we attended their wedding. Read it here: *click*

Congrats Alvin and Wee Lee!


Kah Ling said...

No wonder your pink dress looked so familiar! I tried the same thing just that it was in dark blue... kekeke! Awesome dress!

Amy said...

Hahaha..did you buy the blue one??