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Alvin & Wee Lee's Wedding

Disclaimer: The wedding was held last year and I forgot a lot of the details already. Most of what I've written below were my diary entries which I copy, paste and edited. Lots of photos ahead.

Their wedding was held on 28th Dec 2008, Saturday. On the day itself, my alarm was set at 230am. Cs arrived at our house at around 320am, if I’m not mistaken. We were busy putting on the finishing touches to our make up, getting dressed, changing and packing up the food we’re bringing over to WL’s place. Cs forgot his tie so we had to rush back to his house for it before heading to wl’s place.

The bride getting ready at 3am. I didn't take any photos myself again, which is why its been so long since I wrote this post. Been accumulating the thousands of photos taken from many different cameras that day.

Siaw yen (sy), me, wl and winnie. when we still look fresh and awake.

As chi mui's we were supposed to prepare some games for the groom and his friends. Winnie and I spent the week before and the night before planning what to do to them, what games whould we play that day and what to feed them. We brought yoghurt, Tabasco sauce, strawberry milk, celery, bitter gourd, among others. After finally cutting up the bitter gourd, celery and chilli and mixing the eggs, yoghurt etc, we blended everything and put them in two baby bottles for the men.

After we finished with the juice, we locked the front door and settled in to wait while rehearsing what to say to the guys. While waiting for the guys to arrive, more relatives arrived to our horror. Cos as soon as we locked the door, some car pulls up. Again and again. We wait patiently for them to walk slowly up the driveway, making small talk and take off their shoes, then lock the doors again. Tension and anticipation was slowly building up...

Finally the guys arrive. I was so so happy to see ah ong and david arrive. I knew that time was short. Cos according to the tradition, they had to meet the bride within one hour I think. Don't exactly remember the exact time but we didn't spend much time playing games..

Getting red packets from the groom and his men. Demanding $$$

Refuse to pay up? No problem. Let the games begin. Expected we are handing out undies hand painted by winnie and I, with all the guy's names drawn on it.

To tell the truth, the guys were a bit shy. This didn’t help things much as Alvin was the only one talking in the beginning..

At least they were still smiling and happily putting on the undies. heh..

Serenading us with their singing talents. The TKC song. Something along the lines of: we are brothers together. We go to pub together, we grow up together, best friends forever and what not.

Here they are fed the drinks concoction we made earlier that morning. Very healthy ok, with vegetables, milk etc..

Winnie and I got talking about our own house. How mum would freak out, how obsessed she would be with cleaning and decorating, how she can’t sleep. How our friends would feel etc...

Not long afterwards, I threw them the key from the balcony then ran into wl’s room. There, wl was sitting there smiling at us. I asked Alvin to sing "only you" and to tell wl he loved her.

Finally they meet.

At Alvin’s house, they started taking photos in the bedroom, feeding each other breakfast. Bridesmaids were asked to eat some food. Alvin was asking the guys to force feed us as a form of payback for the food we made them eat earlier that morning. I didn’t mind payback; I was certainly up for anything that could liven up the wedding.

Payback's a bitch!

In Alvin's house; their bedroom.

We hung out at alvin’s place for a while then went to The Spring for photos. I didn’t expect this; didn’t even know about this part during weddings.

Alvin suggested wl throw her bouquet and that we should all catch it.

Cs caught the bouquet. I don't know why he was so happy. Anticipating his wedding already?

We went to friendship park after that. There was another couple taking wedding photos there. We didn’t linger long there cos it was too hot..

The guys started goofing off taking photos.

Later we went to Reservoir park. Only then did I realize winnie never went there. Amazing. And funny the way she described it: when it was popular, I was underaged, I was still in lodge and seldom went out. When i could go out, it was dangerous. So, i never went there..

Don't think the guys would be too pleased to see this photo here. =)

Nice park but everyone was feeling sleepy, hungry and thirsty by then...

I wanted to play this too but I was wearing a short white dress...

Later we went back to Alvin’s house. Winnie, sy, ah ong fell asleep. We were basically just whiling (is there such a word) the time away while waiting for lunch at the groom's house when all the relatives come, and they serve tea to the elders and receive angpau's etc etc..

Everyone was tired by then. After lunch, we went back to wl’s house. Had lunch again. We left not long after that and agreed to meet up at 330pm later. Something funny. Everyone was exhausted by then, and when Alvin said we could leave, everyone started cheering. Cs teasingly hugged boon cos boon couldn’t leave yet as boon was the bride and groom's driver for the day.. Ong was singing cos he thought he could leave. Who knows nana (ong's wife) came out and said: ong cannot leave yet. The situation was hilarious and cs went to hug ong as well.

Wedding reception at night. Outside the ballroom.

The wedding dinner at night was held at Merdeka Palace. 7pm. There were some performances throughout the dinner...Dance performances by two different groups. Also, there were some hot chicks from beauty pageants at the dinner.

After dinner, they hung back taking photos and goofing around. Then went to the apartment suite they had upstairs. Some stayed overnight, some left early..


Chi mui's.

Heng dai's.

This has to be my longest post ever. I broke my own record.

Good night.

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