Sunday, 8 March 2009

Not enough time please everybody..including taking care of my body. The other day I asked eli, while taking my medicines: why do I get sick so easily?

She said: not enough rest laaaaaaaaa.... not enough sleep.

Damn. even my maid nagsss me for not resting more.

Anyway, I've recently been playing badminton, and watching more badminton games. I was never really interested in the game. Even though I joined badminton club back in high school for all five years, I've only probably played half a game in the five years. I was never interested in the game, but badminton club seems to be less hassle than joining leo club, scout, interact etc....which have much much more activities.

But ever since I got together with cs, who is hmm..quite a badminton fanatic, I've been joining him for more games. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the game more than I expected. Some more, it was a very good form of exercise. After each game I sweated so much and definitely felt much more energized.

Kuching's Lee Chung Wei. The other day we were in the pub, some middle aged guys turned to cs and asked: eii..lee chung wei? you look like him larr..etc.. even my parents and brother say they look alike. Once, at KK, a group of teenagers called after cs as he walked by: LCW! cs turned around in surprise and they excitedly turned to each other as if thinking cs really was lcw. wtf. damn funny. cs was so embarrassed he quickly walked away..

This is Malaysia's Lee Chung Wei.

Photos stolen from google..

alike? no idea really. hahaha.

Cs definitely influenced our whole group to play badminton with him. After a few sessions with him, I hope I improved! I sucked at badminton before since I've only played the game 3 times in my entire life?! Now I'm joining them at least once a week. Nice. He is now training me to play. Being my coach. heh..hit the ball harder. lift your arms higher. be more confident etc etc..

Another badminton session tomorrow. Looking forward!

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