Tuesday, 10 March 2009

New Oshine

I just asked Winnie how come there's so many mosquito bites on me? We're both sitting here but how come I get bitten more?

Winnie, munching on cornflakes said: they find alcohol-induced blood more tempting.

Me: I haven't had alcohol in days ok!

Winnie started laughing non stop. She was literally throwing her hands up in the air, rolling around in her chair, laughing non stop. That is when I realized I had just opened a can of Tiger beer and left it in front of me.

Me: I haven't taken a sip larrr...!

She went on laughing and laughing non stop... now we know why mosquitoes prefer me. Dammit.

If I were a bitch yao, which I am, I would say they prefer lean meat! =p

I have a cleavage. I love this dress.

I digress to talk about Kevin for a while. For those who don't know, Kevin is my very dear brother who is also very fat. Here:

Reason i'm talking about Kevin now is cos Winnie said I am in denial over the alcohol thing. If anyone is in denial, its Kev. He always calls winnie pork porkster, ah fat, pig etc. you get what I mean. Point is, he doesn't think he's fat. According to his delusional mind, he is fine. Big boned. Big. While winnie is Fat. Denial.

Back to me. Friday night. Looking forward to a long weekend and now its over. Boo. We went for dinner at this place called Oshine. The old Oshine. Its a new name now but I don't remember what its called. Its near Golden Sands; the massage place. Near DPS- Dua Puluh Sen. Damn hard to describe the place. Somewhere near Spring. Ok anyway. Give this place a try. We went on a Friday night and it was practically empty. Nearly regretted our choice but it was quite late and cs was hungry and I was irritated so we settled sown to order.

Because it was a Friday, I had an excuse to drink. But look. Have you ever had Tiger in such a huge glass/mug? Its not draft ok. The glass is filled with way too much ice and I would have drank from the tin itself if the can was clean.

Look at the plate below. What is the first thing that comes to mind?

Cs started laughing when they brought him his plate. He said: Microsoft. I was like huh?

Only then I realized ohh..Microsoft Windows. Idiot.

Laughing happily at his plate. He ordered butter chicken with rice btw. It came in a Microsoft Windows plate which made him very happy. Geek.

It tastes good according to the picky eater, so yea I think you should take that as a yes. the only complain from the picky eater was: the rice. Apparently it was not ...loose enough. It was clumped..lumpy..lumpy.. i hope u know what I mean cos I have trouble finding words to describe. Anyway, how delicious can one cook steamed rice??!

The interior of said cafe. Very cold inside actually. There were three air cons on at full blast and only two customers. Our meal of butter chicken on a Windows plate, a big bowl of crab and corn soup, as well as three cans of Tiger came down to only RM28. Damn cheap ok. Even if it doesn't taste good, its stil cheap. But yea, its good. My crab and corn soup was good too, can actually taste the crab. Not the frozen crab stick type which I was expecting for the price I was paying.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words.


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haha i like the microsoft plate! i'm so creative right

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