Monday, 30 March 2009


Stupid Pizza Hut at Boulevard spoiled my dinner:

Last time I checked, Hawaiian Supreme stuffed crust does not look like this ok! When we opened the box, the pizza was folded in half, and we flipped it back. It looks like shit! Spoiled my mood! The toppings were a mess, and we tried to evenly put everything back, but they were stuck already. Damn sucks.

Our pepperoni pizza crunchy crust turned out to be worse!

Shit! I'm gonna fucking complain next time I step into Pizza Hut and demand to see the manager and damn right I'm gonna make a scene and produce this pepperoni pizza photo.

Sigh. The reason they turned out like this was cos Pizza Hut decided to save money and give us a TOO SMALL plastic bag for two LARGE PIZZAS. So, they crammed it into one bag sideways. SO, they're not holding the pizza horizontally like normal pizza delivery people do. Seriously where are their fucking brains lar? Who puts pizza in too small bags and holds them vertically? Fuck ass people. Retards! Yes I am angry.

Another night. Went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Very filling and very satisfied. Love the dessert..

Dessert. The inside is kind of like jelly-ish coconut. Very tiny. Not too sweet..

Been drinking red tea recently. Nice...

Sigh. Still upset over Pizza..


cs said...

I miss the chicken wing and the dessert. Lets go to Pandan delight some other day. this weekend??

Amy said...

deal. saturday?