Monday, 9 March 2009

Boredom II

There's this Project 365 going around the blogosphere right now. About taking a photo everyday for a whole year. take a photo and post it on your blog. Then when you look back one year later, it'll be pretty cool right. I like the idea but I'm so lazy to take photos I know it wont work for me. Heh..

Besides my weekdays are so typical that I would do a better job of taking a photo every weekday in the toilet.

So this is a Wednesday photo in the toilet.

And this is a Thursday photo at my desk wtf. Hahah..not like there's anything different from the other hundreds of photos I took at work. So yea Project 365 does not work for me.

In the weekends, my days get slightly more interesting. Oh wait. I have to work every Sat morning now. $%^&*£*

So this is a Sat morning photo. I went to the saloon after work and cut my hair so at night I look like this:

Sat night photo. That night after dinner at The Courtyard, the parents dropped winnie and I off at Core (a pub/club). Winnie and I went to the toilet and chose a table. Barely 5 minutes later, I turned around to see mum and dad walking in to join us. Apparently they were bored and going home early on a Saturday night with the TV is boring. So they decided to join us. Pretty cool and sporting of them. So we had a bottle of Tiger each.

The Courtyard. Somewhere at Sarawak Pavillion.

Pretty soon Frankie and ah boon arrived. They were surprised to see my parents there but still joined us at the table drinking. Not 5 minutes later, cs arrived. Heh. Quite a crowd now. Mum and dad left soon after that.

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