Monday, 30 March 2009

Strut your stuff

It was the Miss Sarawak Tourism? Leisure? Semi finals. Something small and insignificant anyway. If its held in Kuching, it probably is. This was held at the Core; a pub at Travillion. It was a short show. When I arrived, the girls were already introducing themselves. "Hi, I'm bb. I'm 19 years old. I'm a student from Sibu. I love to sing."

Then the girls went backstage and one by one they came up to perform something. Kind of like a talent show. The first girl danced to a song I liked, and have been trying to find for years. "Made in India" I should have gone to ask the DJ who sang it, but forgot. damn. Oh ya. Her dance sucks. She was obviously not right for the song, or the dance.

Then 2 girls played the piano. One of them played Pachabel (no idea how to spell), while the other played one of the song in Jay Chou's movie (something to do with a secret that you can't tell). God I suck at describing stuff..

Ahh..anyway..moving on...everyone wanted to see dance moves right. This girl here danced to a song (forgot). Kinda sexy but more to the slutty dance moves. Her face looks damn horny man. She had on black pants underneath her very short skirt so lots of guys (including ah boon and my bf) had no problem enjoying the view..

This girl below had a nice voice actually but she didn't do a good job on her singing. Cs said he guitar playing was off. And the mic was probably positioned too low/high. don't remember. She sang part of kiss me by sixpence non the richer then switched to another song, which i forgot too. sigh.

This girl below was without a doubt the best of all. From the moment she started shaking her ass, you could tell she was a natural at dancing. Very comfortable and at ease with her body and dance moves...She danced to Britney's Circus and another song from Pussycat Dolls. I think its Dontcha wish your gf was hot like me..

She was the only person I bothered to take a video of. Halfway through her dance, she made to took off her black jacket, and the guys went crazy. Again, including my bf. Caught in the act. Cs was taking the video and I heard his voice going: ooohhhhhh......(it came out like a moan).

This girl here tried to do a sexy dance too but somehow managed to look very cheap in the process. Sorry. No comment.

This girl very obviously lip synced to some Malay song. No need to mention the others. Boring.

After the short event, lights went out and people started leaving. Cos it was a Wednesday night. Boooo...

Little disclaimer: I know i sound mean and bitchy, the way i criticize. but they do. hahaha...I know I probably can't do better. Bah. Cos I lack the confidence. I applaud their er..bravery though. Cos they dare to go up and parade and strut their stuff. Being on display sucks. Never did like it.


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