Friday, 27 March 2009

Eye candy

I just finished watching New Police Story on Youtube. Damn. Daniel Wu is so hot!! I'm still drooling over him (sorry baby)

He looks hot in anything. Even when crying at the end of the scene wearing a tailcoat tuxedo!! Hot!! I fell in love with Joe Kwan ever since I first watched this movie many years ago. Sorry. Bimbotic as that may sound, still in love..

If my boyfriend looked that hot, I never want to get out of bed, or let him out of my sight. heh. girls would be throwing themselves at him!

I only like Joe Kwan a.k.a Daniel Wu in New Police Story. In other movies, not so. I wonder does it have to do with him being the bad boy and all...?

On an unrelated note, I love when men wear suits, tuxedo. Specifically, tail coat tuxedo. Drool..

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