Monday, 23 March 2009

Things I Miss

I was writing the post below and missed the kebabs, so I thought might as well make it a whole post on the things I no particular order, and no particular meaning etc..

I miss 168B Jamaica Road. I don't know why. I just do. And I don't know why I chose this cake to represent 168B. It is so unsuitable I know. I haven't moved into 168B at that time. I think what I really miss is London.

I miss the freedom of staying alone! I hate that I can't go out during the weekends even now without risking dad or mum getting mad at me. I can't skip a meal without risking them nagging at me for not eating again. I hate having a curfew. Sorry but I value freedom. I hate being locked in, and I won't be controlled by anyone. Not even you. I can't please everybody.

I wonder if there is still a piece of paper like this in the kitchen. I wrote this thing many years ago upon Nifer's orders and pasted it on the kitchen cabinet! heh...

Mine and Shirley's old room. This photo looks beautiful right? The four full length mirrors which I miss and wish I have in my own room now...

Before I started writing this post, I knew I wouldn't finish it cos I get bored easily as I am now. argh. why amy why?!

I miss wearing boots. I kind of miss taking the tube too cos it means freedom. I can go anywhere I want, whenever I want. And its fast. No traffic jams. I mean, there are jams but of a different kind. When during rush hour, you have to wait 3 times before there is a space on the tube. Even then you have to put on a thick face and squueze in, winter coat, heavy bags and all and push other passengers in. No choice. Get in or wait for the next train.

I wear too much high heels recently. I also miss wearing sneakers. My feet are numb from the cold from the air conditioning in my stupid office. Why is it so damn cold? I wear a sweater everyday. Its in the office, I don't bother taking it back home. I also leave my scarf and gloves there. Cos I need it!! I tried wearing boots but I look stupid. So I'm wearing high heels and my feet get so cold they're practically frost bitten. No joke! I'm cold blooded I think. No one else wears gloves or scarves. but everyone wears a jacket during office hours. I think my place is especially cold dammit..

I miss my semi skimmed milk!! I wish I can buy milk every morning here grrr...

I'm feeling rather rebellious today:

I think i know exactly why.

I miss you bitch! Wish you're here. Or wish I'm there. hahaa..

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