Monday, 9 November 2009

Insomaniac times three

Insomnia again. I can't sleep. If only I can sleep like ah boi. He sleeps like 20 out of the 24 hours in a day. OK. I'm exaggerating. Maybe 18 hours. But then, he is old (I don't remember his exact age but we had ah boi when I was in Primary 6, aged 12. So ah boi should be around 12 - 13 years of age. Anyway. I don't normally compare myself to ah boi. This is Kevin's place. He likes to say stuff such as: so nice ho being a dog? Just eat and sleep. Even bath also got someone bath for you. No need to work, no worries etc.. That is Kevin for you.


I look so silly.

I went for Pizza on Friday night with baby. It sucked! The pizza. Not baby. I wanted to try the new pizza; they ran out. I was told to wait 20mins. No thank you. Amy doesn't wait to be fed. No patience, no tolerance, and no time. We had a movie in less than an hour.

(Complain mode on) I hate it when I go to KFC during lunch hour (1230 - 130pm). When I order a Zinger/Fillet Burger, please don't tell me I have to wait for 5 -10 mins. Its lunch hour. Why do I have to wait for my food? It is freaking busy lunch hour! Surely you should at least have food ready? KFC is a fast food restaurant, no? The bin is almost empty during lunch hour. GRR. I hate KFC. Eh copy McD please. Leave food in the bin during lunch hour ok. Customers want the food fast during lunch hour cos they are starving.

Let me lay it out for you. Lunch hour is 1230pm. True. We leave the office at 1230pm, scan ourselves out. Wait for the lift. When it arrives, we take the lift to go down to the ground floor, stopping at every alternate floors (GRR). Then we walk to the traffic lights to wait while it turns green, then walk to KFC and wait for the looong queue, just to have you tell me yet again that I have to wait for my burger. Screw you!! That is 20 precious mins gone. I hate KFC. After the 5 mins wait, they almost always forget my order, and forget to send it to me! Waste of time! I chose KFC, a fast food restaurant cos it is supposed to be fast and convenient. Not a waste of time. (Complain mode off)

Where was I? Oh yea. Also, there was no stuffed crust. Noooo...This spoiled pizza night for me already. We had lousy chicken wings. Its the new wings on promotion. I think honey bbq flavor. Weird combination, in my opinion. Not weird. Actually, I meant that Pizza Hut screwed it up. Stick to your specialty, why don't you.

We went to watch Michael Jackson - This Is It. I liked it. I don't care whether its a fake actor pretending to be MJ, or if it was really him. The director did a great job editing the "movie", and yeah I liked it. Admittedly, I was watching his backup dancers half of the time (HOT body man!) but the songs he performed was pretty cool. The two hours flew by pretty quickly.

The movie was basically just footage from his rehearsals for his 50 concerts supposed to be held in London's 02 arena. Still nice nonetheless. Go watch it!

After the movie, we went to Core to meet Winnie and her friends. It was Cherling's birthday celebration. They were all dressed up and I look like shit hence I un-tagged myself from her birthday photos on FB. No offense! Haha!

Anyway we arrived at about 11pm and I start moving to the music straightaway. I think it was the MJ-after effects. I only had about 2 small glasses of beer, and was totally sober when I started dancing. Yea. Totally MJ after effects.


I am listening to Don't trust me - 30h!3

This song is growing on me..


Btw, I edited another photo:

Looking forward!

Another one:

Memories at Paris Disneyland. I'm sorry girls. There were no better looking photos. We all look like shit.

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