Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Kite runner, winnie's birthday, and pavillion

I am now at page 117 of the Kite Runner by KHALED HOSSEINI. I can't continue reading for now. I just feel so disgusted at Amir! What kind of person is this. This spoiled brat! What did he do to deserve a friend like Hasan? What kind of person watches his best friend, his brother get raped by 3 men. Bastard ran away without helping! This is such crap! Its so cruel. Right now, Amir practically forced Hasan out of the house. AGRH!

I will continue the book some other time. Preferably at a time when I can reach out to cs to rant to him when I put down the book. Or when I can squeeze his hand. Or reach out for a hug. Not now.


So I finally watched 2012. Yes, it is a Must Watch! The movie has been out in the theaters for 2 weeks, or more. Yet when I went last night with cs, it was STILL FULL! Damn! The movie is good! Go watch it if you haven't already. Don't watch it on some lousy pirated DVD and spoil the movie for you. Go to the movies!!


Today is my parents' 28th wedding anniversary. Last night, the kids suggested that they go out for dinner together to celebrate it. You know, celebrate dad tolerating mum's temper. Vice versa. Tolerance, patience, and understanding of each other. Heh. Neither of them wanted to. They insisted we eat together as a family.

We said no. They should go off being romantic and all. Its none of our business. To which mum said: without our wedding, you won't be standing here talking to us! Wtf! Don't have to put it that way larr..

In the end, Kevin and I tapau-ed KFC and Pizza for dinner tonight.

The photo sucks. This photo wasn't even taken tonight. Btw, this pizza originally costs about RM 39 after tax. If you pay by MAYBANKARD, you get 30% discount! So, I paid about RM 27 only! Cool eh. It only applies to takeaway and alacarte only. And if I'm not mistaken, just this type of Pizza. The new one.


So it was Winnie's birthday last Friday night too. 27th Nov.

This was before dinner at home. We went to Mr Ho's at Crown Square. The food was great but quite pricey though. No pictures of the food. Starving people.

For Winnie's birthday this year, she chose, as her birthday present from me to her, the corkage for a bottle of liquer (Vodka) to be paid at a club. Sound weird? I am used to it. Presents are supposed to be like that, no? Chosen by the receiver. It should be something she needs and wants. Instead of some silly Archie comics or I dunno more earrings and necklaces..

This dress that I am wearing was sort of like a kimono. Short and slim fitted. Way above the knees. Too bad I didn't take a photo of the full dress. I doubt I would find an occassion to wear this dress again.

This is the interior of Pavilion. A new club at Travillon. This is the dance floor. Looks nice right. I was there on Friday night, by accident actually. We met up with some friends unexpectedly, who were entertaining some friends aka tourists from Singapore.

What do Singaporeans think of Travillion, I wonder. Haha. Bunch of hicks with no place to go. Poor thing.

I was at Pavilion again on Saturday night. This time, to drink and dance the night away! Being there two nights in a row, I can safely say that I HATE one of the manager there. Its a guy. I don't know his name and I didn't take a photo of him!

God its like he owned the place. Don't tell me he did. He was wearing a uniform just like the others. He was standing watching over just like the others. But unlike the others, he had no smile on his face, except when he is talking and laughing to his friends at a table, and he was goddamn rude!

I was telling cs that he was probably fired from some other job, and is now stuck here in a smoky, noisy club watching other people have fun. He probably got dumped by his gf as well, or got cheated on etc etc... I was getting quite fired up actually going on and on when I realized cs had quite a fixed/fake smile on his face, and not looking straight at me. Probably thinking wtf. What is going on in Amy's mind??

Kidding lar wtf. Not exactly kidding lar but aiya you know I don't mean it..

We bought these glow stick lollipops that cost 3 for RM 5. Quite cool actually..

Met up with Winnie at Bar Zing. Here, I think she just finished a tequila shot. I don't remember why or how she has that look on her face. Alcohol does that to people..

Winne and her chocolate man.

Ah boi looks old. Its getting quite obvious now if only you can see him in real life. His hair is falling. His eye is blurry. He sleeps all the time. He LIKES porridge. (Old people always eat porridge!) He doesn't run. He hardly barks. He is hardly excited or anything. *Sigh*

I was home alone with ah boi last week, when he suddenly started wheezing/snorting/having difficulty breathing. God help me! I had no idea what to do!! He can't talk to tell me what's wrong. He just lay there panting. All I could do was pat him and stroke him in the vain hopes that it passes soon.

I dunno man. Was it asthma? Did he choke on something? Furball or something more serious? Its not like I could take him to the vet cos he was fine some 5 minutes later. How do I explain to the vet? And how would she examine him since he is perfectly fine now! Grr..times like this sucks!

OK. Time to sleep. Night.

Sweet dreams..


cs said...

I thought u finish reading kite runner?? I bought it for quite a long time already right??

Amy said...

hahaa..no time to read..