Sunday, 27 December 2009

KL again

Waa...I just realized I have not updated my blog for so long! Shit. I wonder does anyone actually read this? That is one of the reason why I don't bother. Am I really keeping in touch through this blog? Do any of the people I care about read this? Besides cs! He doesn't count..

So. I am back from KL.

Yea shit I've been back for quite some time already. Too many things going on...Btw, I met a friend's friend in KL this time I was there. He is a local in KL. WHen he heard that cs and I were in KL for holidays (4 days), he exclaimed (quite loudly): what is there to play in KL (literally translated from mandarin)!!

I must remember never to say this to anyone coming from Sibu/Bintulu etc to Kuching! I know I have. But lesson learnt!!

We had Nandos cos Kuching is so small, Nandos don't want to operate a franchise here yet!

We also had oh ah mee sua (oyster mee sua) from shihlinsnacks cos kuching is so small, the population is too little, and out income is still too little for the average Joe to afford RM 6 for a bowl of mee sua. So, no one is starting a franchise here yet too. Grrr..Screw la. We have rich people in Kuching ok. But not enough.

We also went to Pavillion to experience the fake snow. Cos Malaysia is an all year round fucking hot weather country. SO we do not have snow. So we have to make do with fake snow. So everyone goes crowding to the fake snow at Pavillion.

Fake snow was in fact, bubbles. You know, soap bubbles. Like in an actual shower. Can't say which is more annoying. Real or fake snow. At least fake snow doesn't leave you shivering. Wet nonetheless..

We also took photos in the pretty see through lift at Melia Hotel. As far as I know, Kuching doesn't operate this kind of lifts too. Heh...

Yesh KL people do have it so much better.

We also went to Zouk. Simply cos we had nothing to do at night already. Fed up and tired of shopping. We decided to drink and dance the night away..

Earlier that night we went to a restaurant called the SHIP. It deserves to be mentioned cos it served the most awesomest steak I have ever tasted! No shit!

Looks: mediocre. Taste: awesome! I ordered the Black Pepper Steak! Medium rare!

He had err..mushroom or something steak, also medium rare. Mine beats his. So, I'm sorry baby I don't remember..

OK. Continue next time.



Anonymous said...

Hahha, I read! ;)

ana said...

nice photography !

Amy said...

Hahahaa..thanks mommy monkey and ana!!