Thursday, 3 December 2009

Baby; real and fake

I just heard that my friend could be giving birth tonight or tomorrow. Within these few days. She should be due on the 13th. Can't wait. I'm happy and excited for her. But on hearing the news, I sense that most of us, the ones without kids were rather nervous/apprehensive albeit happy cos we had no idea what to expect. (I think lar) I had no idea what to say to her. In the end, I told her to take care and push hard. Hehe..

Some people get along really well with kids. I am not one of them. I'm scared of kids. I smile at them then quickly turn away. I don't know how to play with them let alone teach them anything. Crap. How ar?

Updates on the new house:

This is the view from the carpark. Barely enough space for Kevin ah boi to walk about.

The interior is still a mess. Right now, they are installing the switches for the lights/air con etc.. I know nothing about it; I don't understand half of what my dad is instructing pull this line that line etc..

After that is done, I suppose they can start putting on the floor tiles and kitchen wall tiles. By now, four or five kitchen cupboard makers have come to measure and show their designs and have quoted their prices.

This sandwich below is from Zest (the old Blackberry or Blueberry or Best berry) at Petanak. Sorry I know I suck at providing instructions/information...

I've been telling people that this place is good. Seriously it is. Try it out! Food is good and affordable. Service is good as well. This sandwich above is called the Zest Club sandwich. Inside, you can find bacon, tuna, melted cheese, tomato, cucumber, and lettuce. Yum!! It costs RM8.90 Is that pricey? No lar. The other food are about the same price as well. And this sandwich that I ordered was among the more pricey one..

Baby has a toothache. He went to the dentist on Wed noon to have his wisdom tooth removed. It took close to 2 hours to remove it. This morning, he told me he drooled all over his pillow last night and that the drool was all blood. Poor thing. He still can't take solids yet.

I find this funny. Its like the dentist was having fun labeling these meds with Pain, then Very Pain!

Just cos there is no photo of me..

Too many birthdays recently. This is putting pressure on my jeans..This was taken in the office. Tea break?

It is the combined birthday celebration of 3 friends tomorrow. I have a feeling I might have to consume some 4,000 calories from dinner alone. Not to mention cake and alcohol later. No amount of dancing later on is going to help...


cs said...

thank god i dont have to eat the 'very pain' medicine yet.. haha

Amy said...

hahaa..i would have taken them if it was me.