Friday, 1 January 2010


In the name of the New Year, I resolve to take less crap from the people who piss me off whom I have no choice except to smile weakly. drink less. Hu ha!



To ring in the new year, can you guess what I was doing?

Doesn't take much to guess actually. I have been labeled "Party Girl" by someone earlier on that day itself. Does anyone else also think that its quite rude? Should I not be offended? Hmm...can I call someone uneducated if you don't have a degree/certificate? Or say you're uneducated just cos you use your car horn excessively at someone else's house? Can I call you poor since you don't have a car, and ride a bike? Can I say you're a total noob and can't drink since I saw you drunk and throwing up by the roadside once?


Predictably, I was out. This year I went to the Sarawak Club with the family plus cs and a bunch of dad's friends. The theme this year was Masquerade! I thought it was quite a formal affair. Most of the women were so dressed up in long evening gowns, or pretty party dresses, while the men wore long sleeved shirts complete with suit jacket. This was one party where more than half (almost 90%) of the people actually adhere to the dress code.

Some people were dancing already so I'm guessing that it should be about 1 hour plus to go to parents were more happening than their kids. My father led mum out to dance first, while we hurriedly gulped down the rest of our whiskey before going up to join them..heh..

The dinner was supposed to start at 730pm. Says so on our tickets anyway. But we were led to a room for drinks with cheese and crackers first. We had beer and cheese. Doesn't really goes, I know. But we were starving by then..

Here we are waiting in the lounge; most people are posing for pictures while waiting..

Photos are taken by my Canon camera. 6.0 mega pixels only. This photo does not do justice to us. We look so much better in real life that night..a bit wtf.


I bought my mask at the Green Gallery, but it was a bright yellow color and I didn't like it. So the bf sprayed it black for me! Winnie was wearing someone else's mask. She pimped her own.


Click for larger image.

It was supposed to be plain black, also sprayed by cs. But she added silver eyeshadow and some gemstones/crystals. And if I'm not mistaken, she also added some string (the white thing) and stuck it on.

This looks more like a business meeting instead of a New Year's Eve party..

Like I said, photos not doing justice to (cough cough)


We were led into the ballroom at around 840pm, and then they had to make some speech and got some dancers to perform. Nearly 9pm, and no dinner wtf! 3 more hours to midnight! So halfway during the speech, a woman at the next table, (damn brave! Salute!!) screamed: WE WANT OUR DINNER!

To which, EVERYONE burst out laughing and the MC, who should rightly be abashed, answered okok...dinner is coming up, and half heartedly apologized for the delay etc...etc..

Mum and Winnie; we look so colorful..

That night, a lot of people very sportingly donned on masks. Including the masks with peacock feathers, or ugly pink feathers. As evidenced by dad and Uncle Willie here..


We were entertained by performances during our 5 course dinner. To be honest, dinner was quite boring. The first plate was a cold dish consisting of some California Maki, Octopus, Unagi etc. The Unagi tasted stale. We had the usual fish lips soup, some fish, prawn (the best of the night), vegetables, fried rice, and fruits photos of the food cos was busy shoving food in my mouth...

There was a band to tempt us into dancing. Dad led the way first. Then pretty soon I dragged Winnie to dance..and Kevin and cs as well. This was the first time the Simon family were on a dance floor together. Pretty amazing. Kevin almost never joins in..I think it was the first time Winnie and the parents have seen him dancing..

He can't be part of the family. He doesn't drink or go out as much as us..


So that was what I did to ring in the new year. 2010. It feels surreal. I'm turning 26. I'm a working adult. I don't miss school/uni life that much anymore...I mean, sure sometimes I wish I'm still in London. Back in London, working part time jobs, going clubbing till 7am in the morning, taking random/unplanned trips to Brighton, Newcastle, Paris.. No stress. No worries.

But I want to be here now. The pain goes away faster than I thought.

Life goes on.

I want to be here now.

For me, 2009 has really flown by. I didn't even go out of the country this year.. I've been trying to get used to life here and now. A new job, living with the family again. New rules. A working adult. A bf in Kuching.

I've only been to KL twice in 2009, and both times with cs...cs..we didn't even think we could have a chance together.. I tried to keep us apart in the beginning, to deny him this relationship. For him, he tried not to care so much. He said he tried not to fall for me..(cough cough) But I'm glad you did baby..

For 2010, I don't want to have any expectations cos in case you haven't noticed. I'm the glass half empty / pessimist type of person. I don't know why or when it started..I know that I'm supposed to be a lucky girl yadda yadda..I really don't have any expectations. The only thing that comes to mind is that:

I should travel more. In that sense, I need to make more money!

Money money money....Every young adult's mantra.

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