Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Updates on the new house

Updates on our new home! I'm going to share some photos of the progress so far.

So, around the beginning of Nov 09, dad decided to renovate the new house (finally) after putting it off for so long. Looking back now, of course he did. I would too. There is just sooo..much to do. He practically remodeled the new house. Almost everything was changed. He bought new furniture, new cabinets, refrigerators, kitchen ware etc. The list is endless..

This was the living room.

A mess. Just rubbles. Dad insisted that we redo all the tiling on the ground floor cos a big part of the floor had literally sunk to the ground. Don't know if the previous owners had a couple of elephants as pets to dance around in the living room or if they were the elephants. Haha. I am one to speak. We have a couple of elephants in the Simon family. Let's hope none of the elephants get mad!

Fast forward one month later, it looks like this:

New plaster ceiling, new floors, and new lights. Plus a lot of other junk.

Fast forward two weeks. It now looks like this with the paint and lights on. A lot of difference right? Only one side of the wall is painted a rich purple. We all agreed on this color except dad. He wanted lavender. Sorry outvoted daddy! Mum outvoted him. I think this color looks rich and luxurious. Nice for the living room..

The other three walls were cream colored with a deep brown top.

The previous carpark used to look like this. Before any of the work started:

Carpark is a lot smaller now..

This is the view from the carpark now. We can only park two cars now, compared with four before.

The view above now looks like this:

Sorry for the lousy quality. Photos taken with T707. Don't buy this phone! When I am forced to pass the phone to Winnie or cs to take a photo of me, it almost always comes out blur. You have to wait about 4 seconds before you can move after snapping the photo. Fuck. This phone is not keeping up with the times. Technology my ass!

Moving on...

Ah boi's toilet is a lot smaller now.



Last but definitely not least, we now have...

a front door!

Dad has already set the move-in date for us. Now, most of the work comes down to us. Cleaning out all the leftover junk. Sweep, mop, wash, empty, wipe. Packing and unpacking. Nooo..

Ah well.

We have one month. Enough time, right?

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