Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Now and then

I have finally watched Avatar in 3D after hearing/reading so many reviews and critics, both professional and not.

My verdict: Yes the movie is nice. A must watch. But my expectations were set so high from so many compliments by so many people that I felt the movie wasn't as good as I expected. I'm just saying. *shrug* Bottom line: Its still a good movie. Nice storyline. Go watch. I was so afraid that the movie would turn out to be disappointing that I paid attention, and made it a point to read critics and reviews.


A bunch of us went to McGregor's Pub at Brighton Square, Jalan Song area. Correct me if I got the name wrong and location too. It is located beside Platform. The block behind ipoh town kopitiam, and ren jian cha fang (is that the name shit). I suck at providing instructions, among other things. Haha..just realized this sounds a bit wrong wtf!!!

Credits to Ronnie for these photos. (the bigger guy in black)

This is Wee Lee, who btw is just one month after giving birth. She still looks good!! Like she hardly gained any weight. How? Why?!

McGregor's pub tried to imitate the English pubs in UK, I think. The place was quite small. Intimate and cozy. No loud music. What I mean is: no Lady Gaga. Instead you get Michael Jackson. It is quite nice if you want to have a quiet drink with friends. There is no dance floor. There are some darts by the side, and a pool table, which I don't like. Since I suck at pool too.

Quite nice place to snuggle up to loved ones too. Kidding la. Ronnie snapped this photo of us, don't know what was going on here..

Pretty tame night but fun nonetheless..Yes, I know this last photo doesn't really fit. Quite ironic. We look anything but fun..




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