Thursday, 7 January 2010

1st anniversary Cs & Amy

So many backdated events and backlog is piling up. And I just get lazier and lazier everyday. One of the reasons why is cos my SE T707 takes lousy photos, so I have to depend on other people's camera. Then Bluetooth it to my own phone. Or wait for the pen drive. Or steal photos of Facebook. Why did I buy this phone?

Cos it looks pretty and is within my budget.

And no, I refuse to bring a heavy camera out with me.

Cs and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on 28th December 09. As I mentioned before, we randomly chose a date simply cos we don't really remember how we got together. We sort of fell together. We spent so much time together, going out with friends, and just the two of us. First kiss? First touch? Don't really remember how it started..So, we chose Dec 28.

Cs and I have never been big about remembering dates. We've only celebrated once before this. On the 28th, forgot which month. Think it was 8 months?! But for this, we insisted that we HAVE to remember! And we kept reminding each other so often that it felt a bit silly...

In the end, we decided that the KL trip should be in conjunction with our anniversary. So we didn't have to bother with any more surprises or dinners...etc on the 28th.

Initially, I had planned well in advance to surprise him by making him a photo scrapbook detailing our first year together. I knew that he loved looking at the two photos I had printed out, and which he had framed on his desk. So a scrapbook seemed ideal. Thought it should be quite simple. Little did I know, surprising someone you spend almost all your time with is no easy task!!


He knew that I was frequenting the photo shop, searching for silver tipped pens, stencils etc..and knew I was planning something. But both of us kept quiet..

Please don't laugh..

People around us are always surprised to hear that we've been together for only a year. We feel the exact same way too. Being friends for so long, we know each other very well already. There are no secrets from each other. I'm very glad that we still haven't run out of things to talk about..

Again, please don't laugh..

On the 28th, we still ended up going out for dinner. We went to Mr. Ho's at Crown Tower/Square. The place is all right but not much choices though. The food is good. I've been there on several occasions and have not been disappointed so far..

On that night, we ordered two servings of this. It was so delicious. In one serving, there are 8 mussels/oysters altogether served in a creamy and slightly spicy sauce. Nice..bread was normal. Left untouched! So, between the two of us, we each had 8 mussels. A bit overdose, I admit..

The bar behind cs. The place was very nicely decorated for Christmas...

He bought roses for me. It was hidden in the backseat of the car, and I did not even think to turn around to search for it. It was until we had arrived at his house, and parked the car, that he pulled out the flowers. I'm so stupid!!

He also ordered a cake! This, I knew. Cos heh heh sneaky me came across a message in his Sent folder of his phone. It read: 1st anniversary cs & amy (and sent to an unknown number!!)

Apparently he ordered it from someone he met on Facebook! And "designed" the cake himself. I mean, he requested the roses and hearts on the cake. Amazingly, he said he did not bother about the inside of the cake. All he said was: I want cheese.

The seller said a name, and cs just nodded along. He cared more about how the cake looked like, and as long as it has cheese inside it..

This is what it looks like inside. If I remember correctly, it tasted less of cheese, and more to choc mousse, almost like ice cream..

The top section is a light cream cheese, the middle I don't know looks like sponge cake but the taste it covered by the bottom section, which must be choc mousse or ice cream... The cake melts pretty fast which made me think it is ice cream.

Cs has no idea...I'm the cake fanatic between the both of us..

So that's it.

A year has gone by..

Here's to many more to come..

Gan bei (cheers in mandarin)


Cs said...

haha thanks for the photo scrapbook baby! I like it sooo much! :)

Amy said...

You're welcome..:)