Monday, 18 January 2010

Pullman Hotel and Liquid

Sat: Jan 16 2009. Company annual dinner at Pullman Hotel. Thank you in advance to Duncan, Zul and Nancy for these photos. Very wtf I know. Thank you for bringing cameras, and then sharing the photos on the public folder. Noble people!

This is what the hall looks like. The ballroom itself is called Petra 1. They have pretty magnificent names for some of their ballrooms, such as the Taj Mahal and Colosseum. Sounds impressive but don't know if they match up. This is the view of half of Petra 1. View from the stage:

Just realized I could not find much photos of the food that night. Personally, I didn't really like the food that night. Not enough choices and perhaps not my type of food. I want lasagna. Pizza. Sushi. Only one plate of it as shown below and all gone by the time I went near it. When re-filled, I was full already from other crappy stuff.

Said salmon. Looks nice, right? Good camera indeed. But don't be fooled. This is not a big plate and it was gone in like, 15 seconds?

Thankfully, the MC announced that after the bosses help themselves: Ladies first. Actually no difference cos the guys just went to queue on the other side of the room where the same food are served.

There were too little desserts, in my opinion cos I love desserts! This mini tart thing below was covered with bits of papaya. Weird combination. The papaya was too bland and tasteless so that all I tasted were the crusts of the pie. They should have added other fruits such as kiwi, lychee, grapes maybe?

Some of the prizes of the night. The main prize was the 20" LCD TV. The prize itself was meant to be handed out at 1030pm to stop people from leaving. If you leave early, then too bad. No prize for you..

So that was what kept about more than half of us in our seats waiting for the damn tv.

While waiting, we take a lot of photos:

9th floor girls and a guy

There were a lot of photographers that night. So this photo turned out looking like we were being caught by the paparazzi.

Also, while waiting for the lucky draws, some guys lead the way to the dance floor.

They just dimmed the lights, and played some music to get the crowd dancing. Most people just stay in their seats and take photos, and enjoy the free beer!

So there goes another year at TJ! Time flies!!


Round 2 of the night.

From here on, photos are taken with cs' 5 mega pixel camera phone:

After the TV was won by a lucky lady, cs came to pick me up. Brought me to Ipoh town kopitiam, only to decide to come back to Pullman. We went to Liquid, which is the pub at Pullman Hotel. It was located by the poolside. I don't know if this is the hotel's only pool, or if there is any other pool within the hotel meant for the hotel guests..

Said pool in the background. The place itself is mostly open air, wide, and gave a very relaxing atmosphere. By the pool, instead of normal seats, they provide these canopy beds-look alike as seen in the background below:

You are looking at Alvin demonstrating how err soothing/relaxing the atmosphere really is.

Either that or he is staring at something on the ceiling, which none of us can see...

Too bad that when we asked if we could use the pool, they said it was only for hotel guests. It was so tempting to just strip and jump into the pool..

They also have these hot tubs/whirpool look alike. Also for hotel guests. Aiya screw you! We pay as much as the hotel guests for the drinks too what. Not cheap. One Tiger draft costs about RM 75 (if I'm not mistaken), should be around the price at VA. A typical pub in Kuching, it probably costs about RM35, slightly more or less..

I probably won't come back to this place anymore simply because its not worth it. It is pretty to look at, sure. But see no touch is no fun. Not cheap too. I would want to try to stay over night at the hotel, since I have never tried it yet. Just to see how it matches up with the other Kuching hotels. See if the standards really are higher or not..

Songs are normal, not very loud cos they are in a hotel. Guests would complain. I suppose that if I were staying the night in the hotel, I would be happy to spend the night at Liquid. Should be fun to have a dip in the pool while drinking..It would be nice for a private function, say an after party for weddings. What do you say, Shirley and Chris? Haha

Oh yes. The theme for the night was mini skirts. So, for the ladies who come in with a short dress or mini skirt like me, you get a free cocktail.

I don't know what the cocktail was. I tasted pineapple, lemon, and vodka + other stuff..



John Harding said...

ya..ya..ya.. totally agree.. the food not so nice and the ball room not so impressive (not even half of what i was expecting)

and thanks to those nobel people, i also took advantage on their photos lol..

Amy said...

hahahahaa...thanks to cheong too for the photos. Realized I forgot to credit him only after visiting ur blog. lol

Philip said...

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