Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Move

Friday evening:

I arrived home after work at around 540pm on Friday to find my home not the same as I left it in the morning. Everything was not as it seems. Due to work, I cannot be fully updated on everything going on at home. I don't know that the kitchen tiles were all knocked off today and totally renovated again. I don't know that they decided to move in today (Friday). I did not expect to arrive home and find in an empty bedroom.

Or an empty closet...

Everything was in complete chaos. The huge lorry in front delivering what nots new thing to the new house. That guy in front who just arrived delivering the chinese new year beers. My family members rushing back and forth, up and down forgetting things, and basically just rushing about.

I was so caught up in their happy, excited, frantic packing vibes that all thoughts of tiredness and Friday nights were all gone.

I think ah boi knows that we are leaving. I don't want to see him here alone in the old house.

I went up to my room to find all the furniture and beds have arrived.

But most of my belongings are still in black bin bags...

Headache ensued..I want to shower. But where is my towel, my shampoo, contact lens, solution, clean bras and undies, and nightgown. What am I going to wear tonight, and where to find them? In the new or old house? Where are my slippers? My shoes? My socks?! It was never ending. So I start packing. Where are the clothes hangers? Back at the old house. Never mind. I will fold the clothes. And sort them into piles. Time to shower. Where the hell is my clean undies? Stomach growling. Shit its 730pm. Cs is coming to pick me up for dinner.

I decide to leave most of the pile for tomorrow (Saturday). I hope I will be more awake by then and more prepared for the battle ahead of me. Never mind that I have already forgotten where I packed most of stuff last night.


Sat morning.

I woke up so many times in the middle of the night because I was still not used to the new house. All the sounds and sights are unfamiliar. Dad said something along the lines of ".....its like staying in a hotel...." Unfamiliar territory.

Oh well. It's only the first night. Things will get better..

I stepped back in the old house this morning to pick up my things. As soon as I open the door, that feeling hits me so strongly: its home. This is home. I see ah boi sleeping in his usual place. I did not expect this. I mean, sure I whine about not wanting to move. But I still look forward. I'm typing this from home the old house.

Trying not to let thoughts like these enter my head.

I have to get used to the new house. In the meantime, I still have lots to do..

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