Monday, 25 January 2010

Hair matter(s)

It's a PUN! Bit lame though. Haha.

Back to topic.

I REGRET!! Screw whoever said that we learn from our mistakes. Don't regret your decisions yadda yadda. I regret.

What is wrong with me? What is with me and decisions?

The Story!

Winnie picked me up from work today. Went to McD for a McChicken Meal with Curly fries and Coke each. My McChicken sandwich consisted of over cooked chicken patty and burnt fries dammit! The bun was left more than 5 mins in the bin. Very obviously not fresh. I suppose it being 5pm would explain why the food is not fresh. Not yet Gap Buster? Or is it already? I forgot! Does Kuching have Gap Buster? (Mystery shopper code for McD)


530pm: Off in search of the hair saloon Cherling mentioned. She only said that it was at Padungan. The first floor of the shoplots. A very old and small place. Located at the same row with the police station. Four or five shoplots before the police station. The name of the saloon was, according to her: a person's name. HAHA. We found it though. Judy Hair Saloon.

It was located in a completely unnoticeable location. Seriously. I must have walked up and down that place hundreds of time, and never noticed a hair saloon there. Walked up a flight of narrow wooden stairs. The place was empty at 530pm. Nice. Meaning we don't have to wait. Not nice meaning wtf is this place good or not? Why no customers?

Ahh nvm. Consoled myself. Cherling's hair looked nice. That is what made both of us come in the first place. It was cheap too. RM55 for dyed long hair. Freaking cheap don't you think? Everywhere else is raising the price in conjunction with Chinese New Year.

So. I told the taukenio that I wanted red, and that she should choose the color for me. So I put my hair in her hands and closed my eyes.

Winnie requested highlights. She wanted blonde. Dark blonde.

With highlights.

In truth though, the saloon itself consisted of three workers: the taukenio, a young girl, and a man. The place was fucking cheap lar. I mean, a guy came in for a hair cut for RM 7. A family of four came in for a hair cut and left paying RM 20. Cheap lar! Winnie's fringe costs her RM 2.

Of course, don't expect good service etc. For instance, both Winnie and I thought the young girl who dyed our hair was so rough she probably yanked out much more of our hair than we would have liked. She was tugging and yanking as she please. Mum would definitely be pissed. The back of Winnie's shirt was half soaked after her hair wash.


I got the blonde.

Winnie got the red. She looks so disgruntled.

We both now think that the other has the better deal. We are both complaining about our hair to each other, to our mum, to our bf's, and to Cherling. Her hair looks nice. But why does both of our hair turn out like this? GRR..I suppose its cos we both already have in mind what we want. But it turned out differently. That is why we are both so disappointed.

Seriously. Winnie's hair is so much better than mine. At least it doesn't look all dried out. Like hay.

Ahh nvm. Console myself again that for RM50, I should be happy with this:

Mum (laughing at me): don't be so kiamsiap larr (stingy). It's your hair. Take care of it.

I dunno man. 50 bucks. Is this hair worth it? What about Chinese New Year?

I dread tomorrow.

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