Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Damai Beach

One fine day, we decided to go to Damai Beach. Actually, it was supposed to be a "Thank You" from Mr and Mrs Tan Jit Ong for the wedding dance performed on their wedding earlier this year (Please click if you're interested. Its an imitation of the famous JK Wedding Dance - Kuching style).

Mr and Mrs Ong spent hours preparing, planning and rehearsing to this song. The end result? I must admit that those guys were somewhat shy in the beginning (of the night of the dance) Can't blame them. I was so thankful during that time that I wasn't one of the dancers. If I were there, I would probably fake stomach ache or vomit or anything just to avoid the dance. HAHA.

So, I salute their courage and bravery. To attempt this in Kuching is quite a feat. They drew a lot of stares for the night even from total strangers. I bet a lot of elders were probably wondering what the hell are these youngsters up to now? Some of the more liberal minded folk were clapping and laughing along though. So it's all good.

Back to Damai...

Since it was a Saturday, and some people like Cs, Alvin and Frankie had to work still, most of us ended up going quite late in the evening. Cs and I arrived at around 530pm. No swimming for both of us cos I didn't want to risk catching a cold again.

Shit swollen eyes and face still.

This time around, we managed to book a spacious chalet with two queen sized beds, instead of one in a typical Damai chalet. There was also a larger than usual toilet and a walk-in closet thingy. I must remember the chalet number: 401, for future reference.

Some of them went swimming (ah ong, nana, ah boon), some watched fuzzy cartoon on tv (ah boon's friend), some made full use of the Wifi (ong and nana), playing Left4Dead.

Cs and I went to take blur photos of the view, using his N79. Night mode turned out like this:

Why are our beaches not as beautiful or as clean as say Redang or Sipadan? Ok. That sounds too much to ask. But why are their water so clear and so blue. Our sea water is a murky brown. Is it due to all the pee and shit from Camp Permai that is flowing into the sea wtf! haha. I'm so stupid.

The thing about Damai is that I forget how relaxing it is to be there by the beach. Despite the pee and shit filled water. Feeling the sea breeze. Forgetting that we are just a mere 30 mins away from Kuching. Not that far from all worries.

As a kid, Damai was the go-to place for most of the Simon family school-holiday trips. The night before going to Damai, I would have trouble going to sleep, and still wake up very early in the morning on the day itself. Packing and repacking my swimsuit and bag even though it was just a short 2D 1 N trip.

Over the years, Damai haven't changed much. The kids pool that I almost drowned in is still there. The parents refuse to let me forget about how I almost drowned myself in the pool. According to them: no one was holding my head under the water. But I just couldn't resurface by myself. My parents who were watching me, were wondering what is going on with Amy under water for so long? Until dad pulled me out and I was choking and gasping for breath. They still laugh themselves silly when they reminisce fondly about this. Screw. I was just what 3 years old? They should take better care of me instead of letting me almost drown wtf!!

The adult pool is still the same:

We went to Buntal seafood. This group of friends likes the restaurant Number 88. I think that is the name. In the photo below, nana with a friggin headache pulled herself up for this photo. Before this photo, she wasn't eating and her forehead was on the table. Poor thing.

The rest of us:

Sorry if the photo turned out ugly people. I didn't have take more photos.

Btw, thank you for the dinner Mr and Mrs Ong!!

After the 4,000 calories consumed from dinner alone, we went back to Damai where we had red wine with some games. Typical Damai activity. I think it is some kind of rule to have to drink alcohol whenever you are staying there. Something to do with no need to work...can wake up anytime you want...drink yourself silly with a group of friends...hehe..


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