Thursday, 14 January 2010

Too much of something...

For those of you not in Kuching, it has been raining on and off (mostly on and very heavily) for two straight days and nights now. Some places should have been flooded by now.

While Europe is experiencing snow, we get stuck with rain. Great. We get the leftover shit. Kuching sucks. Spare me the ignorant Asian girl talk and what not.

I wonder which is more annoying? Never ending snow, or never ending rain?



- It is pretty. You can't deny this. Everywhere and everything is blanketed in white. Makes everything pretty. The ugly, old and peeling paint on these apartment buildings are hidden. The bare trees and cars are all covered in white. So pretty.

- Can get to play snow sports, such as snow boarding, ice skating, skiing, building a snow man, snow castle and whatever you want.

Fun, fun, fun.


- The fucking cold! I used to hate winter, used to hate waking up in the morning, afraid to strip to take a shower, and even afraid to touch my own body when I'm naked cos my hands would be freezing. Hate bundling up, wearing layers and layers of clothing just to go out for a while. When its winter, all you want to do is stay at home to watch movie and eat! No wonder people gain weight over winter.

Haha scared you didn't I? A picture in all my fat glory. Got pimple on my chin some more. In my night gown. This photo was taken on Christmas Day itself. Case in point. Too cold, lazy to go out. Instead we stayed home to eat and drink!

- Snow storm

Pretty scary shit.



- Can play in the rain and get as wet as a duck wtf. If you like playing in the rain lar. Maybe if you really have nothing to do, stay in the kampung, and your parents don't scold you when you play in the rain, then yea. Go play and sing in the rain.

- Can't think of anything good. How about wash away all the heat?


- You get wet and cold.

- Flood!!

Not fun.

I know that there are so much more things I can add to this list but I'm too lazy to think and list them down now running out of time.

Everyone hides from the rain, whereas when it snows, people don't mind as much. I mean little amounts of course.

Ever heard of the Spice Girl's song - Too Much

Too much of something is bad enough
But something's coming over me to make me wonder
Too much of nothing is just as tough
I need to know the way to feel to keep me satisfied

P/S: Is it me, or do the lyrics sound porny to you? Obviously they are referring to SEX love, right?

Back to topic. I wanted to quote this first sentence only: Too much of something is bad enough (I mean the rain and snow).

Am I making sense here? Don't care.


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