Sunday, 17 January 2010

Spring Cleaning

Taking camwhoring to a whole new level:

Notice what's different yet? (Besides my idiot t-shirt that I originally bought for Winnie but ended up wearing myself)

Yes, I am standing on the roof of our new home.

Sun: 17 Jan 2010

Like I said, taking camwhore to a whole new level! literally.

Dad said that I was the only one small enough in our family to climb onto the roof to clean all the windows outside. So I did. Climbed out and the first thing that hit me was:

SHIT! I forgot to put on sunblock. The sun! Noo.. Amazingly, the vain part in me dominates the other part of my brain where I am supposed to be worried about dying/falling etc...

The roof was so hot to step on my bare feet as I hurriedly tried to finish my task. Barely 10 mins later, rain started to fall. Kuching weather is weird. Similar to London already. Unpredictable. Like chabo's temper.

That said now being on the roof, I was more concerned of holding on to the window and not slipping and falling. you know, now that the sun is gone, I can worry about silly stuff such as safety

Cs came over after work at around 130pm to help out. Nice. Someone else to wander about the roof with. Someone taller to help clean the higher up windows. I was afraid I would have to take a ladder onto the roof.

So. Boring cleaning aside.

Sat: Jan 16 2010. Annual dinner at Pullman Hotel. Yes, our annual dinner was delayed to 2010, instead of 2009. Ask the boss.

Toilet as usual..typical Amy

More photos of the night and its events to come after I accumulate and steal the photos off the public folder at work. I will credit people for their hard work! Hehe

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