Thursday, 28 January 2010

Moving + Xmas photos

Edit: Added some photos from Christmas 2009 below.

Short updates on the new house! The sofa set, dining table, shelves, kitchen cupboards, some beds, fridges, chairs, microwave oven, and stove are all in already. Now, the whole family is busy packing. Cramming years and years worth of clothes and stuff into plastic bags or boxes to lug to the new house.

Whine whine whine. I stood in front of my closet staring for a full 5 minutes wondering how should I start to pack?! Most of the things are up in hangers and now I have to stuff them into large, black bin bags. Whine whine whine.

Thank God we stay so nearby. Thank God we are not moving far away! Winnie and I were walking to and fro between the houses carrying clothes still on their hangers. Saves time. Some Chinese new year clothes that can not be stuffed into bin bags cos they would just get all wrinkly again.

Now that the furniture are all in, I can't wait to move in!


Some really backdated photos from Christmas! Yeaa I know that it is waay past Christmas. More than a month. I keep putting it off then one month later, I finally decided to update it! Stole these photos off Facebook, as usual..

We went to Blablabla restaurant. Every Kuching-kia knows where it is, and if you don't you should really go out more often hehe..

I don't really like the food there to be honest. I had fish and chips, while the majority opted for either lamb shank, or lamb chops. They were quite normal seriously and I have had better. The only exception is that they had an extra large portion of salad by the side which I don't really like..due to some vege inside (I don't know the name sorry). Nevermind.

This year, we got: a bible, and a Tweety bird toilet paper holder each. We gave out: a pretty pen (cs), and a bottle of sparkling juice (me). The other gifts which were handed out that night were: pretty plates, pillow(s), soft toys, necklace and I don't remember..

There you go, quite a lot of pillows:

After dinner, some of us went to Bar Zing, a local club. Club is used very loosely in Kuching. In truth, there are no clubs! Kuching sucks. The most we have is a pub, with a dancefloor (if any), of about err...this size below. This is the dancefloor at VA. It is exactly this large. I am standing exactly by the side when I took this photo:

Back to Bar Zing. There is no dance floor. Instead they provide several dance poles by the tables, as is typical with almost every other pub in Kuching now. Boring. No one goes up to dance. Not unless they are drunk, which nobody really wants to see by then. Cos it would mean constant shouting and ogling from the guys and eye rolling from the girls. Boring.

On Christmas Eve itself, the club was so packed full with people! We had booked two tables initially, but they only gave us one, meaning some 10 people were squeezed into a tiny table, with no room to even stand side by side fuckers! I must remember not to go out clubbing next year. Yea right! I should go to church. Never mind that I'm not Christian. I should stay home. This is even more impossible haha.

No room to dance or even move at all. The night was ruined for quite a few people quite early on already. Some of us went to stand by the bar. The pushing and squeezing crowd was not fun. But you know, the thing about alcohol is: it makes you stupid! After consuming enough whiskey cokes and shots, we somehow managed to think that we are happy, and dance happily in that tiny crowded space. Haha.

If I remember correctly, ah boon went up to take off his clothes to pole dance. Too bad no photos.

Here, Winnie is happily tapau-ing the leftover coke..


Good night.


cs said...

hahaha winnie should thank me for the extra second bottle of coke..

Amy said...

yeaa hahaha...