Sunday, 25 October 2009


I am so SPK (sua pa ku in hokkien) In english, I think it means toad under the well. Or something silly like that. Or katak di bawah tempurung in Bahasa. I just downloaded Picasa and am happily editing photos. Not much cos I'm still lazy. I have so far just added some text.

Like so.

And so..

And like so.

Pls click for larger image like always..

Happy! I am so SPK! OK that's all for tonight while I go explore some other stuff.

Obviously I have yet to explore more and improve.

But I'm happy now. Wheee..



cs said...

hahaha why u put 'baby in pain'.. lols

Amy said...

cos u were n pain rite? the plane was landing, and u had a badd headache. :P