Sunday, 18 October 2009

These days

1) My Facebook account has been returned to me. But some items are still missing (photo albums) Grr..

2) Happy Deepavali!! No public holiday though. Boo..It is rather unfair for the Indians here right? No hols..not even half day holidays.

3) My laptop went under repair for a whole day and night so I haven't been updating (Excuses!)

4) I went clubbing two nights (Fri & Sat) in a row and I realized just how old I have become. God how did I used to survive clubbing three nights in a row till dawn? Till 5-6am, then McD breakfast before going home. How did I do it? Here and now, I am ready to leave by midnight!! What has happened to me?! I am rather awed that I have changed so much. Shirley, can u believe it? I don't even dance much. I stand by the tables and drink. Occasionally I dance when a song I like comes on. I try to hide my yawns subtly, then the later it becomes, the harder it is to contain my yawns and to summon the energy to dance. This isn't me. This is not Amy SImon. Party animal? Ptui! My ass!

Here are some photos:

Oh we were at the newly renovated Bar Zing. The interior design was pretty cool, not too crowded with noisy and pushy kids. Music was ok. Could be better though. Less techno stuff..cos every song sounds the same then.

5) Bimbo of the day! I have a fetish for changing my nail polish every once in 2 weeks. I don't know when or how it started. I got rather addicted to this. I don't have the patience to add little diamonds/crystals to them though. I do sometimes, or add stickers but they require a lot of patience and time. Both of which I don't have.

6) I cut my hair!

Yo nerd! I now look like I'm back in high school..there is no hope. I don't know how to save this hair..

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