Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Edited: Rubbish

1) FACEBOOK deleted my account!! Nooo..! Sigh. what the fuck is wrong with fb? Internet went crazy for the past week in Kuching. It was practically impossible to go online, then taking forever to load a page. Then on Sunday, I couldn't log in to my FB account till today. From my friend's pages, I had disappeared off the face of er..FB.. literally. All my contact list, photos etc gone. Screw it. I'm too lazy to create a new account or to write a complaint letter (which I don't think will have any effect grr...), so I think I might just let it be.

2) Winnie is sick. Like diarrhoea, vomitting, fever crazy sick. But she still has appetite for food. After she throws up of course. Why?

3) I went to watch Sorority Row tonight after the fiasco last night. Determined!

Hmm..a bit regret though. The movie was great. Nice and all but scary man! I don't know what happened to me. I was cowering behind mine and cs' hands, and my jacket.

What has ruined me, and turned me into this scaredy-cat coward, who used to watch Ju-On and used to laugh at my brother who was the one cowering behind his own hands in the cinema? Noo..what happened to me? I suppose that it is true that as you get older, the more afraid you are of dying.

4) I should sleep..Nite. Bye.

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