Thursday, 22 October 2009

Food for thought

1)Wii is useful when friends come over to your home. Nothing to do? Don't feel like watching movie, or sitting there talking your hearts out, particularly for men. Play WII. Its good exercise as well. The only exercise I get everyday is exercising my fingers (typing), and walking. I could probably lift dumbells with my fingers. Haha. No lar, of course not! Dumbell my ass...Probably a 500gram dumbell.

Super Mario race

Anyway, my arms, shoulders, and muscles were aching after a WII session of playing tennis, baseball, wrestling, and bowling. It was pretty embarrassing. The first time it happened and I felt my arms aching, I couldn't imagine what caused it. I kept thinking that I fell down, or am getting sick thus body aching..It was only after the next WII session, then I realized oh shit! Too much tennis and baseball. God I suck!

2) Guess what the photo below is made of. This was made in conjunction with Deepavali. I took this photo in Tun Jugah, on the ground floor literally.

Supposedly SEGI students made this drawing with rice, and coloured/dyed rice. In the beginning, the group of students sketched the drawing on pencil on the floor, then painstakingly added the rice onto it. The sign by the side said students spent 16 hours doing this. So outstiders stay away. Kids go play somewhere else. The drawing is still on the floor of Tun Jugah, if anyone is interested..:)

3)This is a typical Kaya and Butter toast you can find in most Kuching cafes. I said cafes cos places such as Ipoh Town Kopitiam,and Kaya and Toast serves it like this. In a normal kopitiam, the toast is like half the size (in width). I don't know am I making sense here. Width? Well not length. Its still square..but erm..not as fat. Slimmer version. Now I sound plain loso so imma stop.

Thick slab of butter on top. Yuck! Eww..I hate butter. I hate that people always have to apply butter on every sandwich that is being sold outside. I hate that I always have to specifically tell them to NOT put butter on my sandwich, and they look at me in disbelief as if the sandwich would taste ew-ey, yuck-y without the butter. Siao. Obviously I am not the one who ordered this Kaya and Butter toast.

Here is cs enjoying his breakfast.

4) This reminds me of dinner earlier tonight. Mum made a huge pot of something similar to..

Click the photo and zoom in on the biggest casserole dish in the middle of the table. It consists of macaroni in white sauce, fish fillet, oyster mushrooms, bits of chicken meat, corn, carrots, and broccoli. Topped and baked with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I think. I'm just guessing from what I had from the dinner just now. Anyway. I was telling mum to not put in the corn next time cos I don't like the prepackaged frozen corn. Almost immediately, everyone opened their mouth to tell me that:

1) I'm too picky.
2) I don't eat too many things. No nutrition. No wonder I always get sick.
3) I'm too picky. (shaking head)
4) How do you know its frozen corn? What's the difference with normal corn? Its still corn!

Am I not allowed to give some input so she can improve? Jeez man. Btw, the photo above was taking during a dinner party at home. No, we don't eat that much for dinner every night.

5)This is mum's handmade Pizza. When I say handmade, I mean she bought the frozen dough from local supermarkets. The toppings of tomatoes, button mushrooms, chicken bits, and onion are chopped and diced by eli. Mum cooked the sauce for the Pizza, and Winnie or I put the cheese on top. Judging from this Pizza, I think it was Winnie. How can I tell?

Simple. Notice that not one spot goes uncovered by the cheese. Every little inch is covered. Almost immaculate right?

I have a craving for Pizza again..

I think Period is coming again (haha). I will be saying this for the next few decades to come..

Yea, I know I'm lame.

In fact, I look like a retard most of the time:

Exhibit A.

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