Sunday, 26 September 2010

Saturday night at home

On Friday night, I went out for some drinks with Mary and Amelie to Funky Gibbons. Its at Riverbank Suites. A nice hideaway, I admit. Its just a small pub.

Not too sure if pub would cut it. More like a small bar. They sell alcohol, and there is a pool table. So yea, I suppose for clarification purposes, its a pub.

Step outside and a pool table dominates the scene..

There are only a few tables littered around - facing this view:

Kuching Waterfront.

I realize that I am a lousy photographer with no skills. Unless it involves taking a photo of myself - cos I have many years of experience for that. Ha.


Actually not a very good photo. Oh well. Shrugs.

It was a great night out. Like Mary says, we don't have enough drinking kaki. There are so few women drinkers - hard to find. So, (haha) we are in rare form Mary. A diamond in the rough wtf.

Sorry just watched Aladdin recently, if anyone understands what I am talking about..

It was ladies night (Friday). Pay RM 10 and get free flow drinks till midnight. Choices are Vodka, Bacardi or Whiskey. Choose your own mixer. Mary and Amelie had vokda orange. I chose whiskey. It tasted horrible. After 3 glasses, I decided that the beer cooler in front of me was too tempting.

So, I bought Tiger draft for RM 10 only.

Mary asked me: are you sure you're not a guy wtff! =.= Wait lemme check. Haha. Yea sadly I admit. I would gladly reach for a beer over cocktails/wine any day. This is not good for my belly.


On Saturday night, the agenda was to come out as a group to discuss ah Ping's wedding next month! I cant believe how fast time flies..

Venue was supposed to be at Ipoh Town Kopitiam but changed to our place at the last minute. Potluck this time.

The thing with potluck is everyone brings more than their own share. Everyone estimates that there are about 10 people, so have to buy more. In the end, cs and I are left with so much food at home.

No complaints though - its enough to feed us for a week. This is because we forgot to ask the others to bring some food back. It was after 2am by the time they left, and everyone forgot about the food then..

The two tables overflowing with food.

With potluck, almost always someone would buy satay. Satay (chicken/beef/lamb/pork skewers) is a type of Malaysian local food. Found everywhere.

Anyway, like I said, satay is a popular pot luck dish cos it is easy to eat and tastes good. Its basically just barbecued meat.

Three of them brought satay's in addition to other food. In total, there were about 100 sticks of satay. Damn that's a lot. What's more, we finished all of the satay's! Not one left! Amazing! I didn't even get to eat one! Noo.. Seriously though, I don't mind really. Someone brought pizza. So guess which one I chose? Plus, I was in the pool most of the time..

What was even more amazing was everyone of us tapau-ed from Hui Sing. Haha. Business must have been good at those hawker stalls. All the char kuay tiaw, char mee, char kuay, satays etc were from Hui Sing. Such coincidence. And we didn't even meet each other at all there at all. Why so ngam one?

Moving on.

I think most of them are so used to our house already. They have their own agendas down pat.

Allow me to explain. This group walk into the house and immediately grab seats at the dining table. Take out the cards, coins, snacks and start gambling.

This group is no different. Settled down in front of the tv and each grabbed a console to start playing..

This group are in home renovations talks and wedding discussions. Wedding invitation cards, table number etc..

Can't wait for their wedding. In two weeks! Busy from morning till night again. Only thing is that its on Monday...yikes. Which reminds me, I need to get a new dress. Or two new dresses. One in the morning (red is the theme), and one at night. Yikes again.

Ah ping and his soon-to-be wife battling it on Wii, from this:

to this..

Notice how ah ping nearly fell off his seat. He lost to his wife. Haha.

I don't know the title of the game they are playing. I think its samurai. Each holding the console as if its a samurai. I think samurai is the Japanese term for sword, used in military. I could be wrong. Lazy to check.

Me with no make up. Blah ugly. So pale. No colour. Plus same old cardigan. Bah. I badly need to go shopping. Retail therapy. Go for a facial and get a new hairstyle. Actually I did. I cut my hair. A bit. Just trimmed the back and my hairstylist gave me a fringe. Which I hate! Argh.

Its so inconvenient to do housework (eli went back, remember?) and having to sweep your sweaty bangs out of the place. And I don't like the idea of bangs at work too. Cos I wear specs to work and they make my bangs out of shape. Also, bangs give my an outbreak of pimples on my forehead and temples. Bah!

So what do I do? I clip my bangs back all the time. At work and at home. It makes me look like shit. If you see me outside with a little pink or blue clip, now you know why..

Haha just realized I complain a lot about everything. Including myself. Damn. And I swear a lot. Fuck. This is getting me nowhere.

Cs and KL are playing table tennis. Cs seems to take this game very seriously. Haha just look at his pose.

And Alvin too..

So that's it. That is what I normally do most weekends. Spending time at our new place. Curtains and air conditioning upstairs are already installed, and cs has finished painting all the rooms. We are just awaiting for the arrival of our bedroom furniture.

Can't wait. When it has arrived, I should bug cs to install the internet and buy a computer or move his computer there. So at least I will have something to do besides playing Wii or watching tv, both of which are not really my thing.

What I mean is, playing with cs is so boring. He always/mostly wins. Yawn. Not my fault ok. I hardly have time to play Wii whereas he's playing games almost all his free time there.

When he wins, I force him to do something such as piggyback me around the house. I duno why - its as if I have to make him do something to sayang me back..I admit that it has gotten a bit silly when he doesn't even dare look at me when he wins. Ha. Serve you right to gloat baby.

When I win? I gloat like crazy. Cos this does not happen often. :p

Female power wtf. Haha. OK bye.

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