Saturday, 6 August 2011

Back to basics

I really want to blog. And I really should. It has been days since I updated something. But then my eyes stray over to my pile of new books (actually second or third hand from the book fair at Crown Square), and ahhhh I pick up one of the books and before I know it, its midnight. Time for bed again. Bad Amy.

But tonight. Its Friday! And I can stay up as late as I want holding a book in my arms. :)

So yea. Photos shall suffice for now. I randomly select them out of my albums..

#1- chose this photo cos cs looks big here. Either its the angle or he really looks that fit here. :) He's a badminton fanatic actually and worships Lee Chong Wei haih so those muscles might actually be real.

#2 - random night from I don't remember when. Long long ago. Losers drink.

#3 - mannequin.

#4 - getting my fake tattoo done. Notice the tag on my bikini. Yah I was wearing it inside out. Haih I blame it on cs. If I remember correctly, he was er distracting me while I was putting it on.

#5 - spray on tattoo lasts even after swimming in the pool and on the beach. :) ♥

#6 - looking at these photos make me wanna go back to Damai! Soon. After Sept then freedooooommmm!! :)

Ok back to my books. Bye!

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