Sunday, 24 July 2011

Because I am a girl

I really need to post photos of other people other than myself on this blog. :) Its bad for my image. Hah.

This was (obviously) from dad's birthday! As usual, dad had two cakes: one from us, and one from his office. I just realized that poor Kevin (my bro) has to pay for both sides.

At home, Winnie and I collect from him, and at the office, he has to chip in for the boss as well. Haha. Too bad.


These two photos are for Kah Ling and Kah Yee (if you're reading this)! Its not easy to hold Cherrie and have a decent photo taken, as they found out that day. Haha..

Cherrie is in love with you Kah Ling! Cherrie was so happy that many people to play with her. She was literally running around in circles.

Random cute photos of Cherrie! Yea, she has her own clothes (a few shirts/dresses), her own blankets (quite a few), and alot of toys. This is her Domo-kun that she brought over herself onto her own blanket. So cute the way she bit it and dragged it over to her blanket. Cuteee..


Its funny how songs can trigger such strong memories. That stupid song by Aaron Kwok - falling for you will always remind me of you. And by you I mean Shirley (cos she gave me this song) and Chris (I think that is his name?) my ex room mate in Bermondsey who exclaimed: what is this shit you're listening to Amy?

He was right btw. I don't really remember but the lyrics kinda went along to: you are the sun, the moon. I am the star light searching for you. How can I ever explain? The colour that you bring into my life.

I listen to it anyway because of the melody. Silly lyrics but the song itself isn't that bad. :)

Its funny that whenever I want to write something down, it always comes out emoey/sad when I'm not really in real life.

So I shall add a smile face to show I'm not. :)


Kah Ling said...

woooww mata so sepet... hahah! i love Cherrie! but then she is quite a tough one to handle sometimes.. lol

Amy said...

hahaa yeaa soo naughty!!