Monday, 11 July 2011


Its been a long time since I dressed up and did this. So bear with me. A photo is worth a thousand words so err may these photos speak for themselves.

Haii speaking of photos, I have not got my pre-wedding photos yet! Why! I didn't know there were so many steps involved. Or is it just me? Can't be leh. I have been back and forth to the bridal studio so many times.

But actually I'm not complaining here. We (cs and I) are very laid back and have quite a don't-care attitude so far. But now, with 50+ days to go, I am getting a bit concerned. I want to look at the albums itself, when will the day come?

But when I am holding onto the albums itself, it should be about time to start panicking because it should be about 20+ days left to go. Gasp!! Hyperventilating! Why time pass by so fast? Week after week and it feels like I haven't done anything much really.

I love this dress but too bad its so short. I'm wearing black pants underneath but I still have to keep pulling on my dress (in public) all the time. Ahh..never mind. I got it cheap. Think I bought it for about RM 29 only. Happy. Cheap = good.

I have also mastered the art of curling my own hair. Beams with pride. I no longer walk into the saloon with high hopes and come out with an emptier wallet, and an even angrier face. :)

Too bad my curls don't really last long. When I need to, I'll use hairspray but for now, I'm satisfied with these curls..

As you can probably tell, I am running out of things to talk about. Babbling endlessly about bimbotic stuff such as my hair, my dress. FML. Where are my brains? Asleep no doubt. I am almost delirious. So why not sleep mi? Good point.

Because it feels as if I have not done anything today. Besides go to work and that's it? Time to sleep?! Yet another day?! Gah. So this is why dad always falls asleep in front of the sofa. He feels the same way too. Tired and yet refuse to go up to bed. Is this inheritance or does everyone other person feel the same way too? For some reason, this symptom only strikes on a weekday when I have to work the next day hmmm haha.

Saturday noons (for me) are now reserved for sleep. I wake up at 12pm. Have lunch. Online for a while and at about 3pm, I am already yawning again and again. Watch tv for a while. Can't keep my eyes open. Ahh give up. Go up to bed again and wake up really refreshed just in time for dinner. Hahahha FML I sound like such a pig.

What else to talk about? Updates on the wedding.

We decided on the invitation cards already. For some reason, everyone else agreed on cs' card design, no one (and I mean no one) thought that the one I chose looked good. FML. Forget it. Its just invitation cards. Ptui no one gives a monkey's fart about other people's invitation cards, and definitely no one will keep it. :)

Ahh what else? Can't think of anything else since my last post that I have done. Shit have I really not met the MC, the band, the florist? Shit! I have not gone for my gown fitting too either. Oh shit. Next week.

And I am reaally off to bed now.

Before I go, random fact of the day. Dad is watching a Japanese/Korean (can't tell) girl group concert on tv right now. Strutting their stuff in sexy outfits. Haha.

For some reason, I always catch dad watching weird stuff on tv. Such as thai news. Ya serious. Or sometimes French (or some other language) on tv. Then dad and I would sit down and try to guess what language that is. Haha I don't know why.

Oh oh the Japanese/Korean girl group finished their act, and a boyband went on, then dad changed channel! HAHAHHAA. WTF!

Let's hope no one who knows dad repeats this story to him. :) Night!

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