Sunday, 4 August 2013

From the new place

Hello. So I have finished moving house already. 

I'm typing from the new place already. The past week has been tiring and exhausting. Cs and I went back on Friday night for a final goodbye. Took photos, brought over our remaining stuff, and tried not to cry (me).

The bittersweet feeling passed quite quickly. Well, not really. I just try not to dwell on it. Besides, we had no time to dwell. We were sort of thrown into it. Meh. Oh well. I didn't even go to the pool one last time. Oh well. Not that missing it.

Panoramic shot taken by Cs. Feel like crying looking at these photos. Dammit all that talk about getting over it already. 

But its so damn messy. We stripped the house almost bare in the end. Cs was being too nice to the new owners. He was picking up rubbish here and there, throwing out things, whereas I try to make it look as bad as I can. =.= Women.

He even wanted to wash the toilets before we left, but I was like:

 NO! NO WAY!! I'm putting my foot down. Hahah women again. I sound damn ngiau ci. (Stingy)
 These days, we are just busy unpacking and getting used to our new "phase" of life now. 


I'll take photos around the house next time. This house I mean.

Its a Sunday afternoon. On days like these, we just laze around at home. I have Pacific Rim on as background noise now, and we just finished watching Grown Ups 2 just now. Well, I did. He fell asleep halfway. 

Last night I went over to Rita's place to party. Hahaa "party" is used very loosely here. Basically we all brought food. I made potato salad; Winnie made pasta salad; mum brought midori and some soda; Janet and Angela brought fried noodles, fried chicken ass, glizzards; Rita made kachangma (this I don't know how to describe or translate to English - its mostly taken by women after giving birth during the confinement period); and Mag made pork ribs. Definitely the highlight of last night.

After eating, we started drinking. Had tequila (its been a while for most of us), Midori, Kahlua (so sweet though, and lastly beer.

Last night. My skin is not that awesome. That was the result of S4's "beauty face" feature. Kah Ling was trying it out (she's using S3 btw and was trying to test the difference), and immediately she went wow! Haha it makes your skin looks awesome immediately. Cheat one.

This was taken with the normal camera. Ok not that much difference lah but I can tell. 

Speaking of this, I recently tried this new cream. It is SO GOOD that I stopped using my other skin care products, and am thinking of converting everything (toner, sun screen, foundation, powder, everything) if I can. Only thing is it is so pricey. Haih typical isn't it?
 This little tub costs RM 300+ I don't remember the exact amount. But yeah. Splurge. Both my parents used this, and they said it was awesome.

My mum tries a lot of skin care products so I trust her. If she says its awesome, its awesome. So I did my research online, and finished up my existing night cream, then went over to Spring and got myself one as well.

I have only been using it for 2 weeks? But I could tell the difference after week one. My skin felt smoother, and fairer. That was the case for me la. It might not work for you. :) Sharing is caring eh? 

Ok bye for now.

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