Thursday, 23 May 2013

Love Hate Relationship

I hate Percy Jackson.

Or maybe Rick Riordan is more accurate.

I started reading book one (Percy Jackson and the lightning thief) last week. I am now on the last book (Percy Jackson and the Mark of Athena).


Phew. Good to get that off my chest. Heheh.

I started reading the online books first, then when those run out, I borrowed Winnie's hard copy. I'm going to finish the book tonight. Finally, I can have my life back.

Its gotten quite ridiculous. My addiction or whatever you want to call it.

I bring the book everywhere. I read while I attempt to watch the Voice. I read while I accompany Cs watching movies on his birthday night. I read when I wake up. I read before I sleep. I read in the toilet. I read them all.the.time.

Cs says he can't even talk to me properly cos the book occupies so much of my time. It got to the point where I was reading on the dinner table and when Cs wants to talk to me, I get irritated at him because can't you see I'm reading???

Err yeah. Not proud of that.

Anyway. What is the book about?

The first 5 books follows the life of Percy Jackson. He is a demigod (half human half God). Before he realized he is a demigod, he's just a regular kid with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia. Most demigod are because their hyperactivity is actually in their nature to fight and move about. They have to get trained. Dyslexia in demigods are because demigods' brains are born to read Greek words. They are attuned to Greek words, not plain English, which makes it hard to read. Thus dsylexia.

Half bloods have to go to camp half blood (where all demigods go to) to get trained to fight because monsters try to kill them. Monsters from the Underworld because their parent is a God. Percy is a son of Poseidon btw. (God of the Sea and Horses), which means Percy has certain powers, such as the ability to control water (super powerful), breathe underwater, and speak to horses/pegasus/pegasi and sea creatures. Simply cos he's a son of Poseidon.

Anyway. That's a minor introduction to the books. The rest that follows mostly involves the demigods going on quests to retrieve something (the lightning bolt that belongs to Zeus in the first book), fight sea monsters in the second book and get the Golden Fleece to save the camp, and so on and so forth.

The book basically contains lots of information on Greek mythology and about the Gods. Its really interesting. I was never interested before. But at least now I know who Atena, Ares, Aphrodite, Apollo, etc etc are. Everyone knows Zeus, Poseidon and Hades (the big 3 brothers).

Btw did you know that the Titan Kronos swallowed his children, then Zeus (his son) defeated him and gave him something to make him regurgitate out his children (who are Gods and cannot die) so they come out in adult form and defeated their father (Kronos) and banished him to Tartarus?

But is it true (in real Greek mythology) that Hades is banished to the Underworld by Zeus or they (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) drew lots to decide which realm they could control, and Hades chose the Underworld?

It seems the latter is the correct answer. But if so, why is he bitter? He chose it himself.

Anyway. Interesting right?? Now I'm in the last book (so far), there are lots of monsters, fighting and new characters.

I have to buy the complete set. Can't wait for the movie (Sea of Monsters) to come out and the next book to come out! :)

Can't wait for the movie! Even though it seems a bit different from the book. Mehh.

That looks like Tyson with Rainbow. :)

And yes, I do not hate Percy Jackson. Kinda in love with him though. I have a thing for bad boys with insolent attitude problems. Haha not to mention brave and powerful.

OK bye.

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