Tuesday, 14 May 2013

So hot I can't think straight

So I skipped exercising today to blog. Yay. I have more time today. Its so so hot today in Kuching. My home felt like a sauna. The kitchen was suffocating. Don't know why did I choose this hot day to make hot and sour soup for dinner. Haih. Should have made salad instead. Idiot.

Anyway. I'm watching the Voice now. Who else agrees that Shakira and Usher are way more entertaining than Cee lo and Christina? Shakira is so beautiful..she looks better and better the more I look at her. 

If only I can blog standing up. Then I wouldn't feel so guilty about not working out today. If only my period would come so I can stop blaming my food cravings on period. Haha. If only. 

If only we could work standing up. I wouldn't mind. I can boogie while I work. Or in between work. Like the footballers. Heh. Seriously though, I don't mind standing up for hours, or walking more. Better than sitting down for so many hours a day. My ass is expanding. This is bad.

Suddenly remembered an incident once when I was working in Mcd in London. I started my shift at 11 am. We only get a 45 min break in between to eat. The rest of the time, we are standing and busy working. By midnight, I was exhausted and ready to go catch my buses to go home. My manager kept persuading me to stay till closing. Mop the floors etc. I agreed.

 But that day I was so tired, I don't know why I cried. In the back room. As I opened the door to go out (I thought no one could tell), my manager exclaimed: why are you crying?!! (so loud and so embarrassing)

I ducked back in the room to hide. After I composed myself again, I went out only to be grabbed by another colleague in a hug. My manager let me go home immediately. Hahaha. That was the only time it happened. Lol. Idiot. Yeah, don't know why I suddenly thought of it.

God look how pretty Martina is. Damn. Even her side view is so pretty.

In my defense, I just got off work from Mcd ok. Oily face and flat hair from the hairnet and cap. Eww. Most definitely reeking of fries. Normally when I get off my shift, even my undies smell of fries! I kid you not. And I'm sorry if I put you off fries. Hahahah. Sorry.

 Haih. She's from Prague and is so pretty. She looks shy but after working together and we became friends, I found out that she had a wicked sense of humour. Sometimes, she would predict what customers would order.

If a guy comes in and order say, a hamburger, she would be like: no Big Mac today? Eyebrows raised and all. Just softly lah. No big deal but it was funny back then. Oh well. Kinda mean but funny. Heheh.

Reminds me of another colleague from China. We were talking in Mandarin, and this guy in front of our cashier said: ohh..I can speak too. And said how are you (ni hou ma). She (my colleague) smiled back and immediately said ni chi se ba (go to hell). Hahahhah so bad. But I burst out laughing.

Ahem. That was years ago. And we were young. Correction. We are young. Still. :)

Shit me. I miss London. Why did I go open them folders. I blame this on Matta fair. I got my hopes up. But now its back to square one.

My Gods! (I've been reading Percy Jackson recently) My legs. I look like I have no ass. And I look straight. I miss being straight. Hahahha.

That's Lien. We were on a day trip to Brighton. Its a sea side town about 1 hour plus (I don't remember) by train from London Bridge. Me thinks. 

We rented a car, and rented a ship to go out fishing. I caught a fish!! The only one in our group. Take that guys! Heh. Mackerel and we cut it open and ate it raw. A bit squeamish cos the guy's hands looked dirty. Not because of the raw fish. =.= Its sashimi without wasabi.

I think I talked about this before on my blog so imma stop. Here found it. Click.

Canary Wharf. Always loved it there. So beautiful. Its also like 2 or 3 stops from where we lived so we are there quite often. There are lots of office buildings there. Like HSBC and McGraw Hill. I only remember these two. Sorry. Hahah no idea if its still there.

Blur but I miss Nandos!! 

Anyway. Where was I?

I forgot. Moving on.

I let you in on a secret. Ok maybe not a secret. Cs and I are very forgetful. I don't know who's worse? I'm sure its him. 

Let me give you example: He lost his wallet (NOT FUNNY!), left his wallet in the taxi in KL at LCCT (NOT FUNNY!!), left it at home, forgot his phone at the office, or at home, or I don't know where, and loses every other thing. I'm better, but not by much. In my own house, my mum and sister HATE me cos I always forget things. This is my curse, I tell you. Hahah.

Anyway. We also always blame each other when we lose something. In Hong Kong, we forgot our luggage until we were about to board the plane. Zzz.. idiots should not travel together, or stay together. Super fail.

I'm telling you this because we bought this ball hand wrist exercise thingy in Japan. It comes with this red string. After unpacking our luggage, we realized we lost this red string. The exercise thingy won't work without the string. So we started a looong search and blamed each other.

I found it at last under the bed. Probably kicked by someone under the bed. No idea who. But yeah. 

Don't know if I posted this. Pizza is my love, my weakness and my downfall. Hahahha dramatic. 

I'm biased when it comes to Pizza Hut. No need to ask me if its good.

I love love love this!! Cheesie posted this (not this photo but this snack - Cheeza) on her instagram, and I was in Japan still. So I immediately went searching for it to try. Good that we did. Its good!!!

I brought one pack to mum's place and mum and Winnie fought over that small packet. That's how good it is. 

I have one packet left. Howwww??

Bo pien. Have to go back to Japan and buy home a full box. Heheh. 

OK that was an update.


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