Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Brighton is located on the South coast of England; a popular place for a day trip with a beautiful beach and fish n chips restaurants. We rented a car and drove down to Brighton. I didn't know how long the journey took as i was sleeping in the car. =) The others took photos of me, but are too hideous to post up here.

Lien and I.

Our group. Good pix naa..Anyway, we went fishing. Amazingly, the first and only fish was caught by me! Beginner's luck everyone was saying.

Its a mackerel:

And we just cut it open then and there and ate it raw. without anything like wasabi. Quite unhygenic. But, it actually tastes alright.

The fish being cut up and eaten by all of us..A new experience.

We stopped over at Seven Sisters Country Park before going back to London:

Overall it was a nice trip, beautiful beach, beautiful day.

I've been to Brighton twice and I think daytrips are enough. The fish n chips are overpriced and nothing really special that you can't find in London itself. And no point shopping in Brighton when you can find much more shops in london..

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