Friday, 11 April 2008

Blue Elephant

Our complimentary drinks from the waiter..

A very nice waiter took this photo for us. Coincidentally he's studying at the same college as us..

Nifer and Shirley.


A spicy seafood soup called Floating Market. Its flavored with lemongrass and lime leaves..

This is fish. I don't remember what's the name again. Sorry.. I'm lousy at remembering Thai names..

Nifer demonstrating how to make a Mieng Kham.

This is Mieng Kham. Its Betel leaves, and we fill them ourselves with roasted peanuts, pieces of lime, shallot, ginger and dried shrimp. Not a very good picture. The one above is better.

Me enjoying the som tam. Its a popular North-eastern dish: Shredded green papaya with lemon dressing and dry shrimps.

The first dish. An appetizer. It tastes good though I have no idea what its called.. Nifer oreder this.

Nifer and I, dressed up for her birthday night out. Cut the cake and sang her a birthday song before we left the house..

Since Nifer's birthday is coming up, 13/4 and since I'm craving Thai food, I thought I'd do a tribute to her birthday last year. We (Nifer, Shirley and I) went to this posh Thai restaurant called the Blue Elephant in Fulham.

Honestly, I'd say Blue Elephant is beautiful inside. The designs, the goldfish pond, the blue bar.. But the food is overpriced and not as delicious as some other thai restaurants I've been to in London...

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