Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Air Tickets

Ice skating in Newcastle. (Nifer, Willie, Me)
First time at London Bridge.

My first time to see the Big Ben and Parliament Houses

Brandy and I, London Eye
Spent the whole day trying to book air tickets today. Back to London. I finally found out my convo date Its on the 10th of July. So far, everything is fully booked. I have to be prepared to pay much more. Nifer's parents got RM 3,600 for Thai Airways, and Willie's mum got RM 3, 500 for Cathay Pacific. How do they do it? The cheapest offer i got is RM 3, 900 on Royal Brunei, some more i'm on the waiting list. Damn..

I'll try calling more tour agents tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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