Tuesday, 22 April 2008

My lil' cuties..

Presenting: Ah Boi. Our pampered prince.

Age: 13 years. Yea, he's very old.
Breed: Shih-tzu mixed terrier. His dad's a shih tzu, mum's a terrier.
height: 25cm. yea, i measured.
waist: 26 inch. Fat!! he's very overweight. says the vet.

This is me with ah boi. Taken erm.. 4 or 5 years ago. Time flies but he's still cute.

His backside. this photo is to show how short and small he really is.

Ok, so a little of his history. We bought his father first at the local sunday market many many years ago, back when i was still in primary school. then bought another female (to be his wife). they humped many times. and she gave birth to 4 beautiful little puppies. But, the first born died upon birth. The second one is here:

Ah Pui sleeping.

This was me and ah pui many years ago. He passed away on 07/03/06 from cancer. He has been with our family for 11 years and it took us a long time to get used to it. He follows my mum everywhere. He might be sleeping by my mum's feet while she's reading at the dining room. But when she gets up to go watch tv, he'll get up and go sleep beside her.

So, anyway to cut a long story short. We used to have many dogs at home but not anymore and i don't want to get into the details anymore. Involving a neighbour that poisoned my dogs and their mum. BITCH!!! I still can't forgive her!! Evil whore!!! May she rot in hell!

Anyway, since ah pui died, we've regretted taking so little pics of him. So, ah boi is showered with attention now all the time. Getting very photogenic now. =p

Lookin cool with my Nike cap.

ah boi on the left, ah pui on the right. FYI, ah boi is younger than ah pui.

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