Monday, 28 April 2008

Big Apple Donuts

Big Apple Donuts at the Spring, Kuching. This post is long outdated but never mind lah. I'm surprised the queue was still so long. Just goes to show that it is delicious. and fat.

Winnie insisted on a box of 12: we just picked whichever was available..

The donuts are freshly made which is very nice. I hate stale food, especially after working at MCD. Anything after 5 mins, I don't eat. haha. this only applies to McD lar..come on. I'm not that picky.

Anyway, I took a bite out of a chocolate covered one, and a white top covered. It was so sweet that my teeth hurt. I didn't eat anymore after that.

Winnie and dad had 4 each i guess. Kevin and Elaine finished the rest. Mum like me, took a bite out of one of the coffee flavored one.

I wanted to try this: oreo flavored donut. But it was gone in 3 seconds. 3 bites. Damn.

This is mango tango. You can see the mango oozing out. I think the donuts are very soft compared to the donuts I had before at Camden town, London. Over there, I wait till closing time to buy 3 for £1.

At Big Apple donuts, their workers follow assembly line production. One of them is frying the donuts, then another one scoops them up, and pass them down the line. till another one who puts the toppings on. and another one who puts it in a box etc..

But they're quite slow in actions. Probably need a bigger work place for more workers.

Winnie with her prize:

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