Friday, 17 May 2013

Spider-Man to S4

Cs' phone screen I mean. Heheh

He dropped his HTC Sensation on the road and his screen cracked. It looks like spider man's web. That bad.

He was complaining of his phone already. Battery life sucks. This is his second battery already and still he needs to keep charging his phone all the time.

He has also been lusting over S4. Typical men. So this came at a right time I suppose.

It is also his birthday weekend btw. So I encouraged him to get it la. Early bday present for himself.

I am typing this from my phone btw. So please excuse any errors.


P/s: supposed to be TGIF, but we be working tomorrow. Hate saying "see u tomorrow" to my colleagues on a Friday evening. Nothing worse lol.

Hahah ok bye.

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