Friday, 24 May 2013

Life these days

I just finished Mark of Athena. Noo..what am I going to do with my free time now? Haha. Dammit though. I wanna know what happens next! Grr. this is why I don't read books like these until I have ALL the books/collection/trilogy etc everything! 

Moving on. I was browsing Trip Advisor the other day and I came across this. This guy described my experience in Shibuya perfectly. I am fat, old and not not trendy! Hahaha. Touche.

He was describing a mall in Osaka: Hep 5. That was EXACTLY how I felt in Shibuya 109. Hard not to feel self conscious. Its a good thing the Japanese are so nice, humble and polite. 

No filter sunset shot from Damai Central. It was Cs' birthday yesterday. I spent the past week and weekend rushing around serving his Highness. Finally its over. Haha.

We have this thing going on between us. The days/weeks leading up to the other person's birthday, that person gets to be King/Queen. Everything that person wants, or says, or does is correct. The other person is basically the slave. So yeah. 

Thank the Gods its over. Hahah. :)

He got to choose what to eat, where to go, what movie to watch, and I have to clean the house, cook his meals and supper, and be his maid. Come August, he will be in deep trouble. I'm gonna milk it for all its worth. Heheh. I'm going to start from August 1. Announce that my birthday is starting! 

Tried out Cs' S4. This effect looks creepy. Hahah looking down from above. 

These 2 girls were quite good singers. They will be at Escobar every weekend and they sing both English and Chinse songs. I heard them sing Gangnam style as well ala Jayseelee.

This is their video:

I love them. They not only have awesome voices, they are super pretty and are twins!! Can this get any more unfair? Hahah. They have their own album also. Go Youtube them.

Had this for lunch one fine day. In fact I hardly go out for lunch anymore. 

Once in about 2 weeks, Cs might come look for me. If I ask him to. But now that we wake up together, shower together, have our morning coffee together, go home together, eat dinner together, shower together again, and go to sleep together, it doesn't makes much sense for him to still come look for me for lunch. We need space from each other. 

Hahha I had to write out all the "together" stuff to show how much time we spend together with each other.

This was his birthday dinner at Sakae Sushi. I miss you. 

Sudden random thought: would I hate sushi when I'm pregnant in the future? Hmm. Hope not. Wait. Would I be able to eat raw food? Damn. 

End of random thought.

This is another of my lunch: bruschetta. Its not as good as Bella Italia's. I should go back there and order it again to see what's different. Heheh. But this is only the second time I made it. I gotta search for more recipes online.

Escobar last week. I look too white. Its the photo app. Makes us look a bit weird actually. Mehh. But I love his camera. Look at the photo quality. So sharp! So defined! So unlike my Apple. 

Cherrie looking cheap, as usual. Fatty turned 3 last week. Nawww..can't believe the little princess has been in our lives for 3 years. I gotta do a photo log of her soon. Heheh. 

If you're wondering why these photos have a square envelope in them, its cos S4 has this function where you can take photos with both the front and back camera at the same time. Damn awesome as I have already shown like the one at the beach. Nice right?

One ladies night umm..last month? Or last two months ago? Again its over edited. Hahah me and my apps. Stupid woman.

This one is better. Not as freakishly white. Freakish white reminds me of Nico di Angelo. Son of Hades. Can't blame me. The other day at the mall, I saw a guy on crutches and wearing a cap, and the first thing (stupid) that popped into my mind was: Grover!! (Satyr).

Percy Jackson fans will understand me. I finished 8 book in a week. (Mark of Athena has about 580 pages btw) Minus working and sleeping hours. That's a whole lot of reading! :) I even brought the book into the kitchen while I cooked. I was obsessed. Borderline. Ok fine. Very obsessed.

Kevin's birthday is on May 9, and mother's day is on the second week of May, so they almost always share the same cake. Whichever comes first. 

This year, for Kevin's birthday he chose Carvery. Mehh. Its a meat buffet for carnivores. I'm not a fan of too much meat, so yeahh I'm not the right person to judge. Its good lah but not that outstanding. Service could use a huge improvement though. 

My mum is special. For her mother's day, she and her friends decided to celebrate together in the pub. Planet. Our second home. They each cooked something each and brought it to the pub and started drinking there till late. 

Since mum and her friends are there so often, the bosses and staff there know us so well. He (that guy is one of the boss) bought that cake for them, and a bouquet of flowers for them each. So thoughtful eh? :)

I joined them after dinner. I was with Cs' family at Chef at Home this year for their mother's day. Suffice to say, it was a busy night. :)

Winnie had the bright idea of requesting Mama by Spice Girls that night. We sang that song for mum that night. Afterwards, I felt like we should have sang that song a long time ago. We don't say I love you much to our parents. We weren't brought up that way despite how open you think our family is. 

 I think there are not many mothers and daughters who go out together so often, drinking and laughing and joking together. So we got quite a few cheers and claps that night. 

Moving on. Kitty and I when she was back for a week.

This was at Junk Bar. She was only back for a week so we barely got a chance to talk at all this time. Next time babe. We drink together again! :)

One night Winnie suggested we go to Platform. They have free Tequila shots for the first 20 girls who come in. So we kiasu of course. Winnie walked in the door and immediately went tequila?? Hahhah no lah! Kidding.

Don't know why that night we got quite a lot of free drinks though. Don't think I paid anything besides my first glass of beer. Always a good thing. :)

Crystal and I. I'm liking her more and more. Heheh. Platform I think. Don't really remember now.

The reason why I forgot is cos Winnie has the awesome camera phone so she is the one taking photos most of the time. So we others have to wait till she uploads the photos or sends to us (probably 2 months later). Yeah. iphone 4 camera sucks big time.

Winnie said Steph saw that at Grand Margherita during some bridal fair thingy. Last time I was on the ship, time passed by so fast and I don't remember the scenery. Nothing much eh but then again I was born and bred in Kuching. Maybe foreigners would like it?

I just regard the whole thing as an ego boost. That girl is still 3 kg away from me btw. Darn it.

OK bye.

P/S: Cs just came home and saw me on the laptop. He said: ehh? You finish your book already issit? 

Me: how you know?

Him: cos you haven't turned on the laptop since last week. 

OK bye.

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