Monday, 7 September 2009

Air head

Normally I would be upset to open my eyes and see cs with another girl so close to his face. But i suppose this can be an exception:

Once a month, I go to(what do u call a person who gives facials? I went to google it: It can't be dermatologist. That sounds more severe. So, I suppose they are called esthetician, or perhaps beautician in Malaysia?)


Had a facial last Saturday, mainly to get rid of my blackheads. I've taken to bringing cs along with me. I have also forced him to change his facial wash to the same as mine, and to use it day and night. And also nag him to put on moisturizer every day. They are now as routine to him as his hair gel. :D When at my house, I put on different facial masks on his face, eye gel, toner, moisturizer etc..the same that I put on myself. So much that now, his mum and aunt tells him: your face is so fair and smooth. It looks like you put on powder or makeup?! WTF!! Cs should thank me. Maybe I should change my profession eh?

Now if only I could get him to let me pluck his eyebrows..


cs said...

hahahahhaha yea.. my mom is soo damn happy for this. thanks baby!~ lols

Amy said...

hahahahha as long as u don't mind me doing all these things, then you're welcome.