Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Eli is back

I walked into the house. Plonked myself down on the chair and damn. I made the floor dirty with my heels. Mum's gonna screw me again. Then as I placed me high heels back in the usual box, I noticed something strange. Why are the shoes neatly stacked? They haven't looked like that since 3 weeks ago when eli left?!! I turned around and asked mum and dad: is eli back. They grinned at me and said yes!! how did u know so fast??

I rushed to look for eli. she lost weight and got darker. hahaha. but still the same shy girl who loves ah boi. soo happy to see her man. u have no idea. mum and dad were quarrelling so much recently cos of the house chores. no one to do the chores really. i even dreamt of mum and dad quarrelling and shouting at each other last night. when i woke up, i felt like my sleep was robbed from me. how could i dream of this shit?? so, imagine how happy i am to see her!

its's so bloody cold at work today. how can! its kuching! not london! not autumn. too bad. when it starts raining cats and dogs, i can feel it in the office. so damn cold. air conditioning too cold. my boss asked me today: how r u amy? got used to the cold yet?? haha...funny question. not about work, but about the air con. 

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