Monday, 6 October 2008

Sausages of another kind

Anyone like hotdogs? These are a different kind. They look really like cocks. Either they are photoshopped to look like these or do any restaurants sell these? I got these in an email saying Malaysia is selling this. But can you imagine our Malaysian government allowing this? 

How do you like your hot dogs? with peas and carrots?

with spaghetti?

hot dog bun suits winnie. she loves hot dog buns. hahahaa..

hot dogs on toasted bread. 

shirley likes black hot dogs. hahahahahhahahhahahaaa.....i'm so gonna get screwed by her for writing this. u know i love u shirley. =)

hot dogs with black pepper and onions. damn it looks gross.

Me? I don't eat hot dogs. Hahahahaaa..

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